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Forum: GLOBAL / News / The Lama and Red Bull Cerro Torre controversy Login in to contribute
The Lama and Red Bull Cerro Torre controversy
OffLine 8a.nu
  2010-06-08 00:00:00    
Criticism towards David Lama and Red Bull can be found all over the place, like in English by Alpinist, Alpineinstitute and Will Gadd blog. In short, the Red Bull film crew added 60 more bolts as they tried to make film of a David Lama free ascent of Cerro Torre. The weather was bad and finally they had to leave much equipment on the montain. In 1970, 450 bolts were installed by Cesare Maestri in order to reach the top in Argentina.
OffLine Christian Mengel
  2010-06-08 16:25:08    
Well, read the comments on Gadd´s blog and not much remains to be said...David Lama remove those bolts...too bad Ondra came up and now is taking the fame for being climbing´s youngster prodigy...seems to have put some in a tight spot when it comes to making themselves a name...
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-06-08 16:42:12    
I do NOT agree in the criticism towards David Lama, who won the European Lead Champion in 2006 and the European Boulder Champion in 2007, being 16 and 17-years-old. He could of course confronted the whole Red Bull team and stated an ultimatum saying that - If you just put up one bolt, I will go home. What he was involved in was clearly not a good thing but 99 % of the criticism should be put towards Red Bull.
OffLine Josh Dreher
  2010-06-08 16:52:23    
Big deal...50 bolts on a rock in the middle of nowhere...climbers just need something to bitch about just like those gossip girls.
OffLine Kauz
  2010-06-08 17:00:19    
@Jens He could have*, of course, confronted... stated an ultimatum* Sorry, not trying to be nit-picky, but it does help the understanding of your comment. Plus, an edit doesn't count as your second comment, right? Haha
OffLine Pedro Stabile
  2010-06-08 17:16:32    
I agree with Gadd. Lama and his sponsors in this case, are responsible for what happened. They should remove the bolts.  @Josh This is kind of a big deal, or maybe it´s ok to just add 50 bolts to The Nose? 
OffLine Christian Mengel
  2010-06-08 18:17:09    
Sorry Josh, but you´re just clueless...ever heard of minimizing impact? And yes, climbers should do that. Anything else is just consumerism!
OffLine A0 Climber
  2010-06-08 22:13:52    
Off course he is the one to blame!  If everything goes right, he gets the reward. If anything goes wrong, he should assumed his responsibility.  The first mistake of Lama was underestimating Cerro Torre and  going there to make a movie of himself, just to increase his own reputation and his sponsor. If they went to summit Cerro Torre as any climber do, they would not make such a mess, that is a fact. Nevertheless, I find very arrogant going to a well known mountain with a media circus and say, I am not responsible of all the mess we did. It does not show any respect to the mountain, not at all.
OffLine cristl egg
  2010-06-08 22:22:29    
do foin heit wieda die radln um ....
OffLine madmatz
  2010-06-08 23:02:08    
herst red englisch, des is a international forum!! :)
OffLine HelthderVede
  2010-06-08 23:29:06    
danke dass do moi wer wos gscheits sogt. könnt sich net a andere plattform auftun, die genausogut news stehlen kann, nur ohne extroviertierten vuipfosten an der tastatur
OffLine Chistoph
  2010-06-09 02:41:30    
dat i a sogn, dem oiden schwedn foids a bissl. So ned! und de Red Bull gringos suin an eam gsöff dasticka, i ko's nimma seng!
OffLine tom kern
  2010-06-09 09:40:38    
des is ganz goil zum lesn, des bayrische, geh, ...grues us dr schwiz
OffLine grubber
  2010-06-09 10:08:40    
lama and red bull were in together. they should go back together and clean up behind their asses. I'm expected to clean my holds after bouldering and take my stuff home with me. heck, I even take away other trash if I see it. take responsibility.
OffLine grubber
  2010-06-10 09:58:53    
yeah, I don't know what got into me there ;)