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Forum: GLOBAL / News / 8B+ by Jernej Kruder Login in to contribute
8B+ by Jernej Kruder
OffLine 8a.nu
  2012-12-27 00:00:00    
Jernej Kruder has done The Dagger, 8B+ in Cresciano. "First real 8b+...second go on this trip...hope the weather will be fine, cuz sit start is already done in 3 parts". He is talking about the famous Story of Two Worlds. The Slovenian is also a successful competition climbers who twice has been #4 in a Boulder WC.
OffLine r1ddl3
  2012-12-27 11:46:29    
... The Dagger by Jerney Kruder ... talking about grades aren't important...
OnLine Jure Franko
  2012-12-27 12:25:07    
Bravo hipi
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-12-27 12:50:50    
Grades are very important for the media as this is basically how we choose which ascent to report. Very few know about The Dagger but the Story is one of the most famous boulders in the world.
OffLine Bambam
  2012-12-27 13:12:49    
Great Achievement. Dude, it's about the headlines.... They nearly always say  " 'High Grade' done by 'XY' " And how should anybody ever know the name of Routes or Boulders if the mainthing that is mentioned isn't the name but the Grade. (" Oh, there is this 8b+ in Switzerland but i don't know the Name") ... Your headlines are in total comparison to what you say. The beauty of a line as you often call it is connected to a Name. U Can say The Dagger is a great Line, not an 8B+ is a great Line... Please just Mention the Name too so you can still be taken seriously. No offence, but you give sooooo many statements that contradict each other...
OffLine Jesse Weiner
  2012-12-27 22:06:16    
Everybody stop complaining and go somewhere else. It's got a name and a grade like every other famous boulder problem.... it's REALLY difficult.  the end.   Thank you Jens for putting up with the endless supply of whiners and for keeping the headlines rolling for those of us who care.  Now lets go climb rocks.  
OnLine Jure Franko
  2012-12-27 22:18:54    
Great point Jesse! It is about Jernej and the Dagger, it got nothing to do with spelling, grade mentioning....come on.. dude just did his first B+, and you people always turn the story into you whiners and Jens. Jens got attacked for every great achivement in sport climbing more than people who did those were rewarded for... Come on, see a doctor, ask for prozac, works miracles for bitter people! 
OnLine Jure Franko
  2012-12-27 22:18:55    
Double post
OffLine Matthew Tschippert
  2013-01-05 05:22:10    
Kruder just logged Story of 2 Worlds.