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Forum: GLOBAL / News / The Big Island, 8C by Jan Hojer Login in to contribute
The Big Island, 8C by Jan Hojer
OffLine 8a.nu
  2013-01-26 00:00:00    
Jan Hojer has done Vincent Pochon's The Big Island, 8C in Fontainebleau which is a lower start of The Island which was put up by Dave Graham. (c) Sven Böhme

The 20 year old and 186 cm tall is possible the boulderer with the fastest progress the last years. In 2011 his personal best was 8A+ and now he is #4 in the 8a ranking game. Last year he won the semifinal in the Boulder World Champion. Normally he trains 4 - 9 hours a week!
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OffLine Jan Schubert
  2013-01-26 11:22:03    
I would be really interested in an detailed Interview with Jan Hojer especially about training, maybe you can arrange that Jens.
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2013-01-26 11:55:16    
Sure thing... I have already sent him some questions :)
OffLine Mattias Braach-Maksvytis
  2013-01-26 13:23:35    
Ask hims his exact heights, because I am pretty sure he is taller than just 186m
OffLine User Deactivated
  2013-01-26 14:23:11    
Jan is not taller than 186cm... and he was german lead champion in 2008, he is a strong competition climber since many years! but yes, he made a good progress through all the years getting better and better. he do a lot things right in climbing and is extremly fast and strong .
OffLine Facebook :-)
  2013-01-26 15:50:04    
Astonishing :D Such an inspiration for guys like me (Height: 190cm, weight: 90kg).. keep rocking Jan ;) And i wonder how much Jan weighs??? Jens,ask him, pls :D
OffLine Jan Schubert
  2013-01-26 20:55:02    
Since i´m 193cm (85 kg) myself i was also wondering what his weight might be.
OffLine Grant Bateman
  2013-01-26 22:21:41    
Can you also please measure his inseam & maybe offer some gentle cupping
OffLine Grant Bateman
  2013-01-26 22:21:43    
Can you also please measure his inseam & maybe offer some gentle cupping
OffLine Frank Sexton
  2013-01-27 04:32:55    
After years of lurking, I created an account just to say that I have a hard time coming back to this site because of its terrible grammar. I don't think the fact that the author of the posts is not a native English speaker is the reason. It seems more like plain laziness. "The 20 year old and 186 cm tall is possible the boulderer..."  POSSIBLY!
OnLine Odin
  2013-01-27 06:39:16    
If you can't stand bad grammar, the internet might not be the right place for you...
OffLine Frank Sexton
  2013-01-27 07:18:17    
It's not just about the grammar. The author seems to be making no effort to write understandable sentences or coherent paragraphs. I often have to read a post a couple of times before I can make sense of it.  For user-generated content on the internet, bad grammar is to be expected. However, that is usually not the case for professionally written content. Most *editorial* content on this site reads like Youtube user comments.
OffLine TripLasso
  2013-01-27 08:45:08    
Every thread at 8a.nu starts with a poorly written blurb about some awesome climb and eventually (usually after less than 10 posts), evolves into a criticism of Jens and his brain-exploding "journalism".   The fact that this site exists at all after all these years is a socioliogical conundrum that I am sure is deep enough for a PhD. Oh, before I forget . . . Jan, awesome result.  Keep cranking! CL
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2013-01-27 08:49:30    
I am sorry for my poor English. I guess I am semi-dyslexi. I welcome anybody to help out and correct my English instead of just complain here in the forum which just seems to be a waste of time :)
OffLine Jan Schubert
  2013-01-27 10:40:31    
I dont get you people complaining about Jens on every comment he makes, why are you comming back to this site anyway? For example if you come here just because of the news and you hate his articles, than dont read them.
OffLine Chris Speidel
  2013-01-27 13:15:26    
Great effort Jan! Congrats! 
OffLine Johannes Boos
  2013-01-27 13:35:34    
Its hard to understand how Jens Larssen can stand all this mobbing.. Yes, perhaps not always perfect headlines... But who says that the internet must be a perfect, immaculate place? Lets talk about climbing not about mistakes!
OffLine A. Tothek
  2013-01-28 10:11:39    
frank:  use your brain, not just your eyes ;-)
OffLine jobe
  2013-01-28 16:50:13    
@TripLasso You are my hero today. I laughed so hard about those truths :D I´m the first to wonder about the unfullfilled potential of this site especially considering the time it´s been around. By now though I actually tend towards letting Jens do his thing and not complain about apparent discrepancies between the running of this site and an ideal ranking/reporting site. It´s a fun service I appreciate more if I don´t try taking it to seriously and keep on pointing out the same stuff over and over again for a decade now. Thanks for the service to the climbing community you do Jens. Keep on going and maybe think about saving up some of that ad revenue money for a profesional redesign of the site some of these days ... ;)
OffLine TripLasso
  2013-01-29 02:31:04    
Jens, It is not your poor english that is the problem! It is not the way you write things, rather it is the stuff you choose to write and the way you respond to the people who immediately point out what rubbish it it. Since you are a statistics wizard,  can you estimate in what percentageof the posts in the last 10 years have you changed your opinion about anything based on the content of somebody else's response.? My estimate would besomewhere round about say  0.0 percent.
OffLine Jan Hojer
  2013-01-30 14:44:16    
1,88m and 79kgif you are still interested 
OffLine Ari
  2013-01-30 20:11:13    
Thanx Jan, and congrats! Hope to see you in the hard moves final!