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The 8a Ticklist gives you the best climbs in the world
OffLine 8a.nu
  2017-08-04 00:00:00    
There are now over 4.4 million star rated ascents in the 8a database. In the Ticklist, the 4 173 biggest crags respectively the 1 744 biggest boulder areas in the world are listed. These lists will guide you to climb the best and and most popular climbs in the world.

You have different search criterias like; Grade, Onsight/Flash Rate and Stars. You can also check who has done the ascents and read their comments.

In the crag Ticklist, you will also find their respectively trend popularity ranking. For each crag you will also find the average onsight percentage as well as star rating. For each crag, you can also find who has done the hardest ascents the last month, which grades and months are most popular.
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OffLine Joshi Schulz
  2017-08-06 08:25:41    
Please don´t forget, that your statistics are far away from the truth, as a handful of faults flow into your calculations: 1. Only a low percentage of climbers ticks their climbs. So your conclusions reflect only the opinion of a very specific population/personality. 2. Some people don´t rate their reported ascents with stars, which doesn´t mean that they didn´t like the climb - so your conclusions about "best" or "most beautiful" routes can only be valid if your statistic calculations only includes the entered stars and excludes the non-raters. At present, zero stars could be "dislike" or "not in the mood for rating anyway". 3. Some people just enter the grades as written in the guidebook, whereas some put personal gradings. Your statistics doesn´t reflect what has been done - so again no valid conclusion about the grade. Point 1 can not be influenced, whereas points 2 and 3 can be worked on! So it would be nice if you find ways of improvement. Thank you.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2017-08-06 11:04:11    
As the so called bias in regards star rating is equal for all routes, the relative ranking is anyhow correct. Of course, climbers have different opinions so some might think that the highest ranked route is really poor.