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Silbergeier by Caprez & Lachat
OffLine 8a.nu
  2012-12-27 00:00:00    
OffLine Atious
  2012-12-27 13:29:25    
Very funny and with some serious climbing in between, pretty. No doubt Nina feels like at home up there, amazing couple.
OffLine Q
  2012-12-27 14:24:07    
Great funny movie!
By the way, what a perfect slab!
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-12-27 15:16:26    
One of the Top-10 videos I have ever seen. It is just so nice to also show some personalities and not just climbing moves. And I totally agree with Lachat, it is way harder to do this old school MP compared to do a modern 8b+ which also Nina seems to think. In order for the community to understand and give credt to the dfficulty, it could be nice if they could compare the overall challenge with any other sport route they have done. Silbergeier is probably, based on the 2012 grading scale, at least 8c.
OffLine Rodrigo Chinaglia
  2012-12-27 16:23:20    
One of the best climbing movies ever!! Congratulations to Nina, Cedric and the filmmakers! I'm pretty sure the climbers were not acting, but living their lives during the movie. Awesome!
OffLine Prado Angel
  2012-12-27 16:28:13    
Awesome fotage!!!
One of the best I've ever seen,...funny, motivating, and
I agree with Jens, it shows something else than climbing.
Congratulations!!...not only for the sending, but also for the video.
OffLine Marc Giol
  2012-12-27 20:43:33    
wow!!! Great video!! It's nice to see wich method have to use cedric to do the same move that nina does
OffLine Reino "Nicki" Horak
  2012-12-28 13:04:19    
just awesome!!
OffLine Kenneth Rasmussen
  2012-12-28 16:06:02    
Was so disappointed by this video. Really annoying music in the bag ground, even when Nina was talking, not fitting for the fantastic views of these impressive mountains etc. Also I found it to be unfitting with all the bad jokes in a video that should have been awe-inspiring, and lastly the comments from Cedric about wanting to see Nina fall, and that the climb was not as hard for him, were both ridiculous and unnecessary instead of being funny - the video should have focus on Ninas incredible climb. Anyway fantastic and impressive effort from Nina, would have liked to see a video about this, that was as beautiful as the portrait of her in Fanatic Search 2.
OffLine Christoph Barthel
  2012-12-28 17:35:21    
Oh come on Kenneth - are you serious? ... you are of course entitled to your own opinion about the video, but you can definitely not judge this video in a general way due to your own taste. I mean, if you just look at what everybody else is saying it should become clear that your opinion is probably not a popular one ... And by the way, I enjoyed the video a lot. I think it conveys pretty good the relaxed and at the same time very focused attitude of both, Lachat and Caprez. The music is rather strange and borderline annoying but kinda gives the whole thing a refreshing look on climbing in the alps.
OffLine Christian Stohr
  2012-12-28 20:10:33    
Christoph Barthel: lol at free speech.
OffLine Alex G
  2012-12-28 20:46:40    
There are a ton of serious climbing movies, but this is unique. I love all of it. The music is great Nina and Cedric are nice, the movie is pure joy and fun.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2012-12-28 22:48:41    
how can you have a lifetime dream of route with such great history and not even know who was the one who developed this route from the ground and did the first ascent... this is a shame - i can help you: http://www.beatkammerlander.com/test/new%20pics%20beat%2025_09_08/vor_30_jahren.gif
OffLine Eric MacNeil
  2012-12-29 01:11:43    
I thought it was pretty lame. The actual climbing footage was great though.
OffLine zapfenwolfi
  2012-12-30 12:40:48    
nice video - looks like they had really fun on it (although the climb is for sure sometimes really scary). the reversed no hands on pitch 2 is also in a position where the most climbers would be glad to get the last 2 wobbly meters done (wide out from last protection) instead of performing additional tricks.. Unfortunatelly there is not an  footage from the begnning of very fotogenic pitch3 (where are created the most famous and inspiring pictures beginning with the ones from Beat). There is a quite old video from 1995 with lot of good climbing footage of every pitch with Beat  - "dokumentation einer unzweckmäßigkeit" http://www.booklooker.de/Filme/Gerhard-K%F6nig/id/A000ouEn11ZZb but this is very puristic in style and unfortunatelly only very sparse information about the emotions and the process in establishing the climb - this is especially sad, because we know, that Beat could explain this very impressive. could not find it in Web -only the tape.
OffLine Joakim Thommesen
  2012-12-30 17:40:39    
Impressive climbing, but they should get the first ascensionist right. Pretty essential. French comedy never conquered the world - now we know why.
OffLine IsoNalle
  2012-12-31 13:40:10    
I thought it was very funny and entertaining. On my climbing trips the quality of the jokes has been much worse :-)
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2012-12-31 16:49:41    
Nina Caprez has through facebook said she was sorry for the wrong name of the FA.
OffLine y0 Frecalard
  2013-01-13 16:14:22