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Shauna Coxsey wins La Sportiva Legends Only
OffLine 8a.nu
  2017-11-25 00:00:00    
The seventh edition of the La Sportiva Legends Only was as always a nice show. Good job by the route setters, the athletes and the commentators. On the other hand it lasted over three hours and there were a lot of waiting to see the action. Some girls were complaining about all the shoulder moves that is a bit risky from a injury point of view.

The thing the show missed was the competition feeling and the commentators did not know who won and we had to wait few minutes to get the winner, even if it actually had been decided once Shauna had secured her bonus.

1. Shauna Coxsey 3T3 5b6
2. Stasa Gejo 3T5 5b6
3. Petra Klingler 2T5 5b8
4. Fanny Gibert 2T5 4b5
5. Melissa LeNeve 1T1 4b5
6. Katja Kadic 1T2 4b8
OnLine Thomas Maatz
  2017-11-26 10:25:31    
damn that was amazing...