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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Serious accident for Tito Traversa Login in to contribute
Serious accident for Tito Traversa
OffLine 8a.nu
  2013-07-03 00:00:00    
Yesteraday, Tito Traversa fall to the ground in Orpierre and he is now fighting for his life together with his parents at the hospital in Grenoble. Tito was together with the sport group from his gym without his parents who now ask the community to pray for him.
OffLine Magnus Midtbø
  2013-07-03 19:49:21    
This is the saddest news! Rest and get well buddy.
OffLine Mirko
  2013-07-03 20:31:55    
So sad to hear about this accident. I really hope you will get well soon Tito!
OffLine DamijanD
  2013-07-03 21:02:15    
Really terrible news, I hope he will be ok.Any info what was the cause or what exactly happened?
OffLine Tommy Seppänen
  2013-07-03 21:03:54    
Terrible to hear about this. Lets hope he fights through
OffLine hans berger
  2013-07-03 22:30:07    
such sad news. best wishes for a quick recovery! hopefully this ends well.
OffLine Christian Mengel
  2013-07-03 22:30:48    
I´m shocked right now...let´s hope this ends well...
OffLine Alex G
  2013-07-03 22:31:51    
:-( pull through it!
OnLine Mikael Ylinen
  2013-07-03 23:36:35    
So sad......hope you recover soon:-((
OffLine User Deactivated
  2013-07-04 02:07:27    
I wish you all the best for a quick and complet recovery!
  2013-07-04 09:42:53    
come on Tito!!!
OffLine Angel Durán
  2013-07-04 11:39:19    
Mucha fuerza Tito, eres un Jabalí, seguro que sales de esta. 
OffLine Mat Ape
  2013-07-04 13:25:36    
Really bad news, feeling sorry for that young gun! Get better soon....
OffLine A0 Climber
  2013-07-04 14:03:01    
I am really suffering myself for Tito and his parents... I can hardly bare it... Get well 100% soon, please...
OnLine zdordai
  2013-07-04 14:43:18    
Oh no! He is the raddest, most psyched little dude. Keeping him in my thoughts, get well soon.
OffLine Thomas Nibler
  2013-07-04 16:51:08    
Come on Tito!! We believe in you! Fight!
OffLine Jakob Nibler
  2013-07-04 17:16:54    
Keep fighting Tito! You will do this!
OffLine jaap
  2013-07-04 18:39:42    
oh no!! :(I wish you lots of strength and courage Tito... get well soon!!
OffLine Nic
  2013-07-04 20:37:25    
Ale Tito. Siamo tutti con te.
OffLine Franz the Stampede
  2013-07-04 21:42:45    
I'm hoping to hear some good news soon. Allez Tito.
OffLine Samuel
  2013-07-05 00:40:42    
Come on Tito, you can do this, all the best in your recovery!
OffLine DWF
  2013-07-05 07:22:47    
He is in good care the Trauma team in Grenoble is one of the best, let all pray. So sad. no words.
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2013-07-05 13:03:16    
The Traversa family is thankful for all support but, "Unfortunately we do not have any good news. Tito is fighting for his life minute by minute."
OffLine Oscar Krumlinde
  2013-07-05 16:17:46    
Devastating news!!

Tito, a whole community wishes you the best and most rapid recovery possible! Your climbing inspires us all.

Best wishes
OffLine ursa krenk
  2013-07-05 18:04:49    
Come on Tito! You're a fighter, you're going to win this one too!!!  Best wishes
OffLine ursa krenk
  2013-07-05 18:04:54    
Come on Tito! You're a fighter, you're going to win this one too!!!  Best wishes
OffLine Nathan Hoette
  2013-07-05 18:19:44    
Horrible news for a little champ!! hoping for the very best for you Tito, get well soon!