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Rocklands hit by a fire
OffLine 8a.nu
  2013-01-25 00:00:00    
Climbing.co.za reports with pictures about fire in Rocklands that might affect future bouldering.

"The fire is mostly out, but Rocklands is among the 500 square-km of land that’s been burnt clean. The horizon is clear of smoke and we are now able to start tallying the damage in detail."
Click to Enlarge Picture
OffLine Ingmar de Vries
  2013-01-25 13:03:13    
shit he that sucks big time! good luck to everybody involved with repairments and stuff there!
OffLine Chalk Norris
  2013-01-25 13:09:20    
can i see that photo of Carlo using that blowtorch again? no, serious that´s really a big mess.
OffLine Alex G
  2013-01-25 13:29:52    
"after the last fire at Truitjieskraal it took +- 2 and a half years to be re-opened by Cape Nature"

from the comments of the article
OffLine Greg Brooks
  2013-01-28 17:49:50    
Who cares about the people down there, as long as the boulders are ok right!
OffLine NickT
  2013-01-29 12:37:51    
I am quite certain that most, if not all of rocklands proper will be closed to climbing this year and possibly next year. There are already erosion problems at roadside and the whole area is in a very sensitive environment (especially after fires). However, the sites on private land did not get badly burnt and all the de pakhuys sectors, 8 day rain and sassies should be open. It should be noted that the klein kliphuis campsite and the main house burnt down (the sector where black shadow is). I am sure that any sort of support to this family would be greatly appreciated and ensure access to the black shadow area (the teagarden). Access to this area was closed at the beginning of the year due to 'graffiti' . Maybe this can be remedied by the climbing community?? 
OffLine grubber
  2013-02-04 12:34:30    
GOOD NEWS! from the comments of the above link: "This just in from the Clanwilliam Tourism Association
Good afternoon all,
The news you have all been waiting for Rocklands will be open during bouldering season!!!
I have just spoken to Patrick Lane from Cape Nature, he said they are
currently keeping Rocklands closed until they can walk through it to
see what the damage is, but because the area is fairly flat it will not
take long to recover (they might keep it closed for a month or so but as
mentioned above will be open when bouldering starts), a good rain/wind
will do it good, specially to wash away the soot/grime off the rocks.
We will however have to get the message out that people need to stay on
the paths and not cut across to Rocklands as they have done previous
years. If all obey the rules it will lead to a successful bouldering
season in Rocklands again in 2013.
A meeting is still scheduled with the owners of guesthouses around
Rocklands to discuss the do’s and don’ts so we will keep you in the loop
as well.
If you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Have a great day,
Esther Steens
Clanwilliam Tourism Association" Let's all behave as proper users of a sensitive ecosystem, and enjoy the bouldering as long as we are able!