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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Rèveille-toi 9a FA by Laura Rogora (18) Login in to contribute
Rèveille-toi 9a FA by Laura Rogora (18)
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-06-03 00:00:00    
Laura Rogora, who did her first 9a (8c+) Grandi Gesti being 14 years old, has done the FA of Rèveille-toi 9a in Cueva di Collepardo. (c) Marco Iacono

In total the 18 year old has done six routes 9a (8c+) or harder and as a matter of a fact, Anak Verhoeven is the only female who has done more. Two years ago, she was, within two weekends, #6 in the European Championship as well as in the Chamonix World Cup. Last year she won the Boulder Youth World Champions as well as three Euro Youth Cups in Lead.
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OffLine Philippe Beytrison
  2019-06-03 21:26:41    
Girl power!