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Patrick Edlinger reported died
OffLine 8a.nu
  2012-11-17 00:00:00    
Climbing reports that Patrick Edlinger, who was one of the sport climbing pioneers doing 8c already in the late 80s and who won many international comps, has died at a age of 52.
OffLine Didier Chappuis
  2012-11-17 09:38:44    
R.I.P Patrick, on ne t'oubliera jamais...
OffLine Emmanuel
  2012-11-17 10:56:28    
very sad news... Rest in peace Patrick
OffLine y0 Frecalard
  2012-11-17 12:01:22    
OffLine bram h
  2012-11-17 13:11:04    
"La vie au bout des doigts" inspired so many young climbers! Patrick, in our minds forever, respect!
OffLine david swaine
  2012-11-17 15:44:27    
Very sad news.
OffLine David (Chibo) Rodrigues
  2012-11-17 21:50:01    
R.I.P. :(
OffLine Jerry
  2012-11-18 07:45:04    
a legend has died, he taught us the "french" way to move on rock, RIP. anyone know what he died of?
OffLine louis de cornulier
  2012-11-18 11:03:49    
His biographer said he had drinking problems, although they have not been mentioned in any article as the cause of death. Anyway that is very sad indeed, to lose a climber of this stature. We owe him so much. A little anecdote. A few days before a trip to the US, Edlinger went to see a friend of his, who was the blacksmith in a little village caled Sigoyer. When he arrived there, he noticed a huge limestone cliff crowning the hill. So he ran up the hill to check this 3-mile long cliff. When he came down he was extatic, and called his climbing partner who was to come with him to the States. 'I am no longer leaving' he said, and he destroyed his plane ticket. He stayed for many years in this new-found climbing heaven, and set up dozen of classic routes up this pure blue-and-yellow-streaked walls. Some years ago he apologized for the spacing out of the bolts on his routes: 'I know, but with the money I had at the time, this is the best I could do if I wanted to bolt them all...' The cliff was Ceuse. Thank you Patrick!