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Forum: GLOBAL / News / No Kpote Only 9A (8C+) in just 4 sessions by Kameyama going for Burden of Dreams 9A Login in to contribute
No Kpote Only 9A (8C+) in just 4 sessions by Kameyama going for Burden of Dreams 9A
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-03-10 00:00:00    
Ryohei Kameyama has done the first repeat of Charles Albert No Kpote Only in Fontainbleau and what makes it totally amazing is that he just needed four sessions! He could not do the bar foot sequence by Charles so he found new beta.

In comparison, Ryohei could not do the first move on Burden of Dreams 9A, although he could within eight days link it to the top from the second move. (c) Ryosuke Hibino who has helped us out with with some further info.

Next is probably La Révolutionnaire 8C+ and then possibly The Big Island sit project. They will stay until 24/3 in Font. Ryohei's secret training is campus board five sessions a week.
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OffLine Tanner Rozier
  2019-03-11 05:36:52    
Well if he can do v16/17 in 4 sessions I think he must be the best climber in the world. Maybe he'll flash Sleepwalker
OffLine Joakim Thommesen
  2019-03-11 10:53:45    
...like Ondra flashed Jade. Hoho.
OffLine Opi Brey
  2019-03-11 13:28:11    
meanwhile woods and webs call themselfs the stronguest in ultraposer videos...
OffLine yonqi yonqi
  2019-03-11 17:26:17    
OffLine Christian Mengel
  2019-03-12 20:55:18    
Hey, let's keep this one civil, shall we? Woods and Webb never called themselves the strongest in one of the mellow videos - since you're undoubtedly referring to those - and after the first repeat...can´t say much after that. Let's wait for others to try it and then see. I´d say the Big Island Sit project is going to prove more of a cue as to how this performance is to be judged.
OffLine Sergii Topishko
  2019-03-12 23:40:58    
Be sure guys, he is one of the best!;)