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Megos prepared for Kranj WC mainly in Leonidio
OffLine 8a.nu
  2017-11-11 00:00:00    
Listening to the Alex Megos "talkshow" with Klemen Becan at the Leonidio Festival and talked to him and his coach Dicki Korb, the message is clear, it is about enjoying the challenges. They can be served as projects, onsights, WC competitions, training exercises or complicated yoga positions. Megos says he enjoys them all and his trainer underlines that it is about using your creativity to make also the hardest training like a fun challenge.

Tomorrow, Alex is competing in Kranj and meanwhile his opponents have done sessions in their gym to optimize their plastic feeling the last weeks, the 24 year old have enjoyed eight climbing days in a row in Leonidio plus one gym session. Two months ago he competed in Lead in Arco, having just returned from a bouldering trip in Rocklands, and he won the semifinal. (c) Micha Schreiber

- It is also about meeting friends in Kranj that I not meet so often. It will be fun. I have not yet made up my mind if I will go for the Olympics. There are so many things to do. Participating at the Olympics with no commitment makes no sense for me. Therefore I have to bring some sacrifices, bigger than ever before in my climbing. It's a situation where you shouldn't make a rushed decision. Sure I will have great fun challenging the Speed route in the beginning but it will take much more.

The good thing is of course that with the multiplication format, during the qualifications, it will be most important to perform on the highest level in two disciplines. Once you are among the 20 going for the Olympics, the result also in Speed will become more important.
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OffLine Robert Kasper
  2017-11-10 11:05:09    
so leonidio is the new kalymnos and every Headline for 5 years coming will be leonidio...
OffLine Franz the Stampede
  2017-11-11 12:25:17    
Sounds a lot better to me. Less travelling, crags are far enough form the sea that marine corrosion is not a problem (yet you can go to the beach in the summer I suppose), possibly less impact on community/economy/whatever since it's not an island...
OffLine John Leeman
  2017-11-11 18:48:27    
Link to interview?