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Southern Smoke 8c+ by Margo Hayes
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-12-06 00:00:00    
Margo Hayes reports on her Insta that she one month ago did Southern Smoke 8c+ in Red River Gorge. During the same trip the 20 year old did Golden Ticket 8c+ and probably some more great routes. (c) Jan Novak

I had a wonderful time visiting The Red for the first time in a while! I met up with friends from France and was able to spend some time climbing with my dad. He’s always my favorite partner. I wanted to try a some classics and some routes that looked intriguing to me. I climbed the Golden Ticket and Southern Smoke in 5 tries each.”

Including the two 9a+ classics from last year as well as a 9a and other 8c+', Margo must be a contender for having the most impressive ticklist in the world. The only two girls that challenges her are Angy Eiter and Anak Verhoeven.
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OffLine Giamo
  2018-12-06 10:30:26    
OffLine Peter Pan
  2018-12-07 00:33:45    
Calling these women ‘girls’ is probably not quite appropriate in 2018.

Very inspiring ascents!
OffLine Eddie Fowke
  2018-12-07 09:01:35    
Always a tricky one. I've done that on the livestream and raised the ire of a viewer who was quick to message me and complain.
So I went to the athletes themselves and asked all the finalists (and several others) what they would prefer to be termed as.
One (of the approx 15 I asked) said she preferred woman or lady, all the rest said they preferred girl. Usual reason, they don't find it derogatory, and they find calling them women makes them sound old.

But back to topic, great work Margo, cool to see her out there crushing as usual!
OffLine Peter Pan
  2018-12-07 16:34:44    
@Eddie Thanks for your comment. Good to know.
OffLine Peter Pan
  2018-12-07 16:34:46