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Jan Kareš - Another unknown climbing hero
OffLine 8a.nu
  2016-06-14 00:00:00    
Jan Kares will go for a world record 232 pull-ups attempt next month. The amazing thing is that he is 42 years old and weighs 81 kg. The simple secret is frequent high intensity training meaning doing like eight pull-ups and then rest 20 seconds and continue like that for 30 minutes.

In 1998, he was #17 in a Lead World Cup but nowadays he is a bolting and onsight fanatic. Since 2008, Jan has spent some 150 days bolting, paying everything by himself, in Sardinia and that is what he does all his vacations. His dream is that this area, close to Cala Gonone, will be one of the best and most famous climbing area in Europe. The video includes the possible biggest climbing cave in the world and Adam Ondra has already been invited. More info and pics soon.
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OffLine Sune Hermit
  2016-06-14 12:11:09    
232 pull-ups in what, an hour or half hour? I doesn't say clearly in the article.
OffLine jan kareš
  2016-06-14 13:26:11    
Hi,232 I was all time on bar continuously 36min
OffLine Majkel
  2016-06-14 14:14:13    
Huge respect!! Can I ask, what is Your climbing level(RP,OS) with such great endurance? Thanks in advance for the reply :)
OffLine jan kareš
  2016-06-14 15:22:53    
7c+,RP only my routes sometimes:-)I like climb,no wait for power:-))But last years only bolted new routes and train on my gym:-))For climbing I haven't time:-)Maybe  in the future....:-)
OffLine jan kareš
  2016-06-14 19:41:22    
9b gave me informations about Cala Luna and Colombi cave and shared with me the dream to trasform all Orosei gulf as one of the best climbing area in the world
OffLine Sune Hermit
  2016-06-14 23:12:08    
Thanks Jan, very impressive :-)
Is the Cave bigger than Millenium Cave also on Sardinia? Looks not as big to me...?
OffLine 9b
  2016-06-14 23:26:01    
Thank you Yan for giving credits to 9b ;-) Our dream is to share this bolting dream with other bolters, creating there a bolters and climbers party :-) So the dream is open ... to all ! http://novebi.ning.com/group/il-grottone-dei-colombi/forum/topics/il-grottone-dei-colombi-sport-climbing-area
OffLine jan kareš
  2016-06-14 23:55:32    
Yes,bigger than Millenium-80m high.60routes inside the cave is real minimum.From very easy routes to.....:-))And Colombi is 200m after Millenium cave,We need only time for bolting now:-) 
OffLine Stefano Primiero
  2016-06-15 11:48:51    
I admire your motivation for developing new climbing areas. In Sardinia are countless beautiful walls and potential crags. In order to make Golfo di Orosei to one of the best climbing destinations in the world, as you say, it is important not only to bolt new routes but also maintain existing crags and routes. I have been in Sardinia for climbing just recently and found many routes in a very poor condition. Rusty bolts/anchors and missing nuts are more the rule than an exception. I know this takes a lot of time and money, but it is necessary.
OffLine jan kareš
  2016-06-15 15:57:43    
Hi,understand,of course.But I payd everythink alone and rebolt old routes?;-)
OffLine Stefano Primiero
  2016-06-16 07:45:04    
Don´t get me worng, Jan. I´m not saying you should do everything on your own, or do anything at all. All I´m saying is that in order to become a world class climbing area, it takes maintainence. Without that even the nicest route will be worthless in a few years. Especially in a humid place like Sardinia. And at the moment Sardinia is full with great routes that need new bolts.
OffLine 9b
  2016-06-28 22:47:41    

around Cala Gonone, you could pay less, bolt more !