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International Climbing Survey
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-08-01 00:00:00    
Are you a passionate rock climber? Do you prefer climbing in the gym? How can your climbing gym improve their service? Share your thoughts in the climbers’ survey – as a reward, you will get a climbing guidebook of your choice in the Vertical-Life Climbing app.

This international survey is intended to learn more about climbers’ habits and their requirements for climbing gyms. The results will be published in special interest media and will be shared with climbing gyms and route setters.

You can take the survey in English or in German
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OffLine Till Teufel
  2018-08-04 00:07:52    
Stop lying like this please. For participating  in the survey you only get 6 "credits".But a guidebook costs like 60 "credits". So much to "you get a guidebook for free"It's not worth it.
OffLine Daniel Stadler
  2018-08-04 07:48:12    
i got 50
OffLine Frank Grabo
  2018-08-04 12:49:41    
@Till Teufel Stop Lying please. 1. You get 50 credit's 2. the most expensive Book cost's 60 the avarage price is much lower... Thank's :)
OffLine The Whistleblower 5
  2018-08-04 17:53:02    
It’s clearly stated in the text, in bold, that ”as a reward, you will get a climbing guidebook of your choice in the Vertical-Life Climbing app”.

If you will receive 50 (or 5) ”credits” by answering the survey and many guidebooks cost 60 ”credits”, then that’s simply misleading and false advertising. The reward should be 60 ”credits” to fulfill the promise.
OffLine Mitja Predikaka
  2018-08-05 01:02:34    
Well, I filled it out on Friday and still didn’t get a thing ...
OffLine Arturas Volkovas
  2018-08-05 09:24:48    
same here, didn't get anything
OffLine Till Teufel
  2018-08-05 19:07:01    
@Frank Grabo: Unfortunately I did not get 50 credits but 6 :(
Here see the screenshot of the email I received from Vertical-Life https://www.8a.nu/images/forum/65417_636690927682432210_vertlife.PNG
OnLine Serban Groza
  2018-08-06 11:23:38    
@Till Teufel have you used the application before? It seems to me that you just registered an account and got some points bonus. Have you tried to open the menu from top left corner go to insert code and add the code you received on the mail?
OffLine Till Teufel
  2018-08-07 09:11:48    
@Serban Groza thank you, yes I think that was the case. Since I only recieved the email with the 6 points and no other email with the code for the 50 points for the survey for some days I thought the 6 points were for the survey.
But I finally recieved another code.
Thank you and sorry for the troubles ;)