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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Increased Access problems in Osp/Misja Pec Login in to contribute
Increased Access problems in Osp/Misja Pec
OffLine 8a.nu
  2012-11-27 00:00:00    
Some locals living have started a campaign in order to close the climbing in Osp/Misja Pec. The parking and the free camping problems have increased over the years and now the locals are feed up with cars parking on their vineyards, making the dishes in grave yards etc. The only place to park is in the Osp Campsite, 3 Euro per day. Please respect this and share the news or it just might be that the #14 most popular climbing area in the world will be closed. (c) Maciej Ostrowski
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OffLine Stefano Varnerin
  2012-11-27 16:52:11    
The problem of overcrowded climbing spot (and other problem link to this one, like free and unrespectful camping or random parking) is not new in our sport (and not only in climbing). I think that Osp people should look to the good example of place like St. Leger or Magic Wood. I think that closing all the park across the road do not solve the problem of stupid and unrespectful climbers that wash themselves in the graveyard or sleep and leaves trashes in private fields. Near Osp there are a lot of free spot where permit free or cheap camping (like Magic Wood or the public camping all around France). A field, a water spring, a garbage can and a WC are the only things that would serve to solve the Osp problem. But i think that this is impossible in a place like Osp, where in more than 20 years when this place has been one of the more crowded by climbers in East Europe nobody opened something for making money from climbing (the only exception is the small camping). It's crazy that if someone wont to rent a room he has to go far away from the village.  Sorry for my bad english but i write this quickly. Stefano Varnerin Osp local climber and son of one of the first developers of Misja Pec crag.
OffLine Miha
  2012-11-28 11:11:58    
You know that Osp people can not look up to Magig Wood,.... The have trouble looking past the neighbors houses. Especially if this house is from the guy with the small camp (Volk) who os the only one making any effort. But it's just like small village jealousy. The reallity is that in Osp it's almost impossible to find a trash bin, a water source and the parking spots are like they were 10 or 20 yeras ago. Sorry, after recent dispute there are even less than 10 years ago. Who are we gonna point our finger at?  The hordes of local and foreign climbers visiting this popular spot and "making a mess"? The locals living in this village for all of there lives, having to put up with all this pressure on their quiet homes and being fed up with it. Or may be the National federation for ignoring the problem for all these years and not doing enough to find some solutions?
OffLine Stefano Varnerin
  2012-11-28 15:38:24    
I think that there are only two way to change the unbelievable situation of Osp. 1)The public of Osp and the national federation (yes, the one that gives money for re bolting the grag to some guy that have no clue of that job, so now some routes are dangerous due to glue bolts that are coming out from the rock)  should work togethers to give CLEARE rules to climbers and give them some place to stay (where sleep, park, take water, go to toilet, ecc) and if they are clever also put up some business like all the big climbing center in the world.2)They create some ridiculous Law about birds (like the one of Podpec, a paradise lost...) and they close all the crags nearby.  You can not control big mass of peoples just saying "No camping here". There will be on hundreds of people always somebody disrespectful. I think that the best way to avoid problem like the one in Osp is to give a place to stay to the peoples.  
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2012-11-28 16:42:08    
I think it is also about the climbers actually tell the guys who do not respect the rules. It is not nice to go up to sombody and tell them to move the car but somebody have to do it otherwise rules are meaningless.
OffLine MichalM
  2012-11-28 17:09:02    
I am disgusted to read that somebody must give someone a place to stay...this is a bullshit. Put up a bussiness or place a toilet there...wow. Where do you find an idea like that. People are just too disrespectfull and because of that they deserve a crag to be closed for them. Apperantly there is no profit for the people in Osp when hundrets of climbers storm the place...yeah they should ban parking and camping there and they should let themselve pay big money if some breaks the rules. People always want more more more...fuck that, take a bag and hike up there or go by bike or whatever just do not post statements like that people that suffer from garbage and other shit should do something for the climbers that bring the mess around. Ciao M.
OffLine eddi
  2012-11-28 17:24:07    
The situation in Osp is really sad. All that trouble...

It is clear that the locals are pissed. They are not responsible to set up infrastructure. I don't understand why the Slowenian Tourist Association (or something similar) doesn't see the potential and works something out. It's such a famous place! Just take a look at Paklenica in Croatia, people are willing to pay for infrastructure and service!

OffLine Primoz Zupancic
  2012-11-28 19:47:33    
Locals are not to blame here. It's the climbers. There's a campsite in Osp and a hostel with affordable prices in another village nearby. Yet you could find climbers free camping all around the crag, leaving their garbage behind...
OffLine sloclimbing
  2012-12-02 19:38:36    
Like Primoz is saying. Do not blame the locals. First we have to observe parking regime, stop wild camping and take care for our garbage.

Climber, we can prevent closing Osp with respecting those three simple rules.
OffLine kinson
  2012-12-02 22:20:29    
make a parking space, per day € 2,--, ppl will use it and the local infrastructrue gets some money...
OffLine Jana Juric
  2013-01-28 19:34:24    
Climbers! You can also stay in a nice hostel Ociski raj in Ocizla - 12km away from Osp. The price per person per night is only 12€ ...     
OffLine Hostel Xaxid
  2013-09-20 09:54:08    
They haven't jet found a solution for Osp, but the community has started to discuss, but it will probably take a lot of time. Where is the best to park and other informations you can get in our hostel even if you are not our guest- for free! Welcome all climbers who are climbing in Osp, Mišja Peč and Črni Kal, for 12 €/night. more info. on www.hostelxaxid.si or on our mail info@hostelxaxid.si