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IFSC - Boulder format/calculation to be improved
OffLine 8a.nu
  2017-03-13 00:00:00    
During the IFSC press conference, the President Marco Scolaris said that it is hard to understand the scoring in bouldering but they are working on a solution that will be presented in some months. The athlete representative, Sean McColl said that the scoring with points is a possibility and it was also said that the USA method is interesting.

In reality, the four IFSC representatives almost seemed ashamed in regards the scoring system and that it was ten years old. 8a has several times suggested format as well as scoring system in regards points instead of Tops and Bonuses.

The changes with 6 minutes instead of 8 minutes in Lead finals, as well as 4 minutes instead of 4+ minutes in bouldering finals, were made to fit into TV.

Scolaris: "At the moment, this is the solution we were able to produce under pressure. We know many people were not satisfied, not happy."

"We expect to convince IOC, but not only, that hopefully before 2020 that we deserve some help, because the sport is growing to fast and we do not have the resources to manage the sport. If it goes on in this way and our income does not increase and therefore we are not able to hire additional human resources. We will become victim of our success."
OffLine gianluca
  2017-03-14 11:01:51    
I don't really see how the scoring system is "hard" to understand, it is actually really easy to explain. What is not so intuitive is the way it is shown during a comp (the green squares ans slashed squares), which makes it mandatory to understand the rules first. But the format of the result sheets is, imho, easily understandable even for someone who is reading them for the first time. the 4 minute rule is quite odd as one needs to calculate how long it takes for the final attempt... maybe 3:30+ would have felt more natural for the athletes?
OffLine shane messer
  2017-03-15 03:45:24    
Hi 8a! Why don't you just join the committee at the IFSC! It sounds like all of your ideas are always the way to go! At this rate, maybe we can get rid of the IFSC and replace it with 8a! 
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2017-03-15 07:45:57    
It seems like almost all climbers think the scoring system is hard to understand and imagine how hard it will be for the non-climbers. I have sent a mail to IFSC that I could help them out with the rules as I have already forwarded many ideas. I do think it will be very hard to implement all rules for the Olympic and how it will be done during the World Champion 2018. I do not understand anything about the lucky loser in Speed.
OffLine Arnoud Prinz
  2017-03-15 11:44:14    
The scoring system is not hard to understand. It is confusing Because you need more tops but less attemps. Why not bonus be for top attemps, than in the most causes athletes have different rankings by more stops and more bonus. That's is less confusing.
OffLine Steve
  2017-03-16 19:00:08    
I wonder, how the athletes' strategies would be, if attempts wouldn't count as much. It's always kind of annoying so watch the athlete doing one or two attempts, then resting for 2 minutes, and then doing the final go.