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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Hypothèse assis 8C+ FA by Charles Albert barefoot Login in to contribute
Hypothèse assis 8C+ FA by Charles Albert barefoot
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-12-08 00:00:00    
Charles Albert, the famous Font barefoot boulderer, has made the FA of yet another 8C+, Hypothèse assis. It adds two moves to the 7C+ stand start. "It’s just another hard boulder, it’s not very beautiful and it’s chipped. I did it because it was dry. It took me three quick sessions and a long one. I don’t think it’s easier or harder with shoes the next project is another hard boulder.”

Charles climbs barefoot and he has established and repeated several 8C's and done the Fa of La Revolutionnaire 8C+. The pic by Neil Hart is from an 8B+ in Font.
Click to Enlarge Picture
OffLine Karl Vichter
  2018-12-08 08:56:58    
Barefoot climbing is DISGUSTING!
OffLine Sebastian Peace
  2018-12-08 12:28:58    
Why is it disgusting? Sweat? Chalk? Hands? Is climbing barehand disgusting aswell? Climbing naked? Climbing soaked in soap and oil? What?
OffLine Jon Megent
  2018-12-08 13:14:48    
Saves money on climbing shoes.

Does Charles chalk his feet?
OffLine bomberone
  2018-12-08 14:16:07    
a video would be nice!
OnLine nschenks87
  2018-12-08 19:28:07    
Two move sit into a V10 is a V16?? Damnnn those must be some hard moves.
OffLine bomberone
  2018-12-08 21:11:52    
actually these 2 moves should be 8C at least, what would be really impressive!
OffLine Jason Crank
  2018-12-08 21:36:26    
@nschebbks87 - considering Shaun added 3-4 moves to the 8B+ Off The Wagon and it bumped to 8C+, those must be 2 really hard moves!
OffLine Sebastian Peace
  2018-12-08 23:33:09    
The stand start looks pretty high: video 1 video 2