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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Headcrash 8c by Sarah Kampf (38) Login in to contribute
Headcrash 8c by Sarah Kampf (38)
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-06-01 00:00:00    
Sarah Kamf (born Seeger) has done her sixth 8c, Headcrash in Frankenjura. Ten years ago she did her first 8c and when she had done three she got two children. Since 2017, this was her third 8c, all of them in Frankenjura (c) Markus Bauer

"I tried Headcrash for the first time rather by coincidence as we were looking for a child friendly crag and ended up at a sector nearby. I was immediately psyched to try it as the line and moves are amazing. Due to work and family obligations I had to plan my sessions strategically and sometimes went there on my own. It was very enriching to experience full focus and tranquility during these sessions. I also had nice days with family or friends at the crag, making the whole journey full of contrasts between absolute silence and lively family routine. On the send day, we were there with the whole family and maybe that was the key to success - not being fully focused and thus not feeling pressure or nervosity at all." More info and pics on her Insta.
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OffLine Kenny Walker
  2019-06-01 10:49:08    
She ‘got’ 2 children. Haha did they just arrive on her doorstep? In English she ‘had’ 2 children. Anyway it’s just funny but if 8a is supposed to be journalistic you should tidy up on your English.
OffLine Julien Corneau
  2019-06-02 03:03:34    
Maybe the reward was two children. Haha.