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Garnbret and Schubert overall Lead Champions
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-10-28 00:00:00    
1. Janja Garnbret SLO 550 - Jakob Schubert AUT 495
2. Jessica Pilz AUT 505 - Stefano Ghisolfi ITA 466
3. Jain Kim KOR 354 - Romain Desgranges/Domen Skofic 356
4. Manon Hily FRA 238
5. Mei Kotake JPN - 228 - Hyunbin Min KOR 251
Complete results (c) Eddie Fowke
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OffLine Mark Nauser
  2018-10-29 08:42:23    
Once again, clear Japanese domination finishes with Europeans and one Korean taking all the spots on the podium :)
OffLine rai
  2018-10-29 12:07:14    
Another proof that speed bouldering on rope is bullshit... Janja should have won also the last WC yesterday...
OffLine rai
  2018-10-29 12:18:29    
Not to mention Stefano that may have some nervous feelings about the final cancelled last week..
OffLine Jan V'
  2018-10-29 15:30:18    
@rai you've forgot to mention what't that proof you are talking about. What is that?
OffLine rai
  2018-10-29 22:16:17    
@Jan, my comment was like the new format: "speedy"... Maybe it was not the right topic but I was referring (1) to the fact that Janja has again lost on countback (assuming that she would have topped the semis route...lol), and it's frustrating, like in Innsbruck and (2) that this olimpic format is annoying...
OffLine Jan V'
  2018-11-01 11:49:13    
@rai "Another proof that speed bouldering on rope is bullshit... Janja should have won also the last WC yesterday.." - So you've said this: fact that Janja did not win is proof that competition was bullshit. In other words: competition is ok only if Janja wins.

Well, maybe you haven't intended to say this. Also it is not very polite to Jessica Pilz from you.

P.S. as far as I know olympic format is combined and in Xiamen there was no combined.
OffLine rai
  2018-11-01 15:30:16    
@Jan, lead climbing is ok if victory is decided on height, not time. I have mentioned Janja because she is the best evidence that this format does not work: having topped all routes in Innsbruck and in the last WC, she got second on time (having topped all routes). Nothing against Jessica, who is a great climber, and I am more rhan happy when she wins by getting higher like she did in her first WC win this year. So if you want to mislead (joke) my thought do it on your own but this was not my intention.
My opinion was to confirm what I have already said many times:
1) 6 minutes routes is bullshit,
2) Olympic format is bullshit,
3) speed climbing is circus and should not be combined with the 2 other disciplines.
Regarding Olympics this is nearly 20 years that I don't care about this circus of money, drugs and politics...I am a climber not a sheep stuck to his tv; in fact I don't watch tv...