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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Domen Skofic from Slovenia wins in Chamonix Login in to contribute
Domen Skofic from Slovenia wins in Chamonix
OffLine 8a.nu
  2016-07-13 00:00:00    
Domen Skofic won in great style in Chamonix continuing his nice progress trend. As a junior, he was the best in the world and in the last three World Cups the 22-year-old has been improving every year being 9 - 5 - 4. Domen is also the #2 in the 8a ranking game after Adam Ondra. (c) Eddie Fowke

1. Domen Skofic SLO 51
2. Stefano Ghisolfi ITA 48+
3. Jakob Schubert 48
4. Gauthier Supper FRA 48
5. Roman Desgranges FRA 47+
Complete results
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OffLine Tanka Rhai
  2016-07-13 11:31:30    
I'm wondering if anyone saw a difference between Desgranges and Halenke/McColl... They all fell at exactly the same move, didn't they?
OffLine User Deactivated
  2016-07-13 12:35:00    
Tanka RhaiThe score in the news above are wrong, Degranges was judged to control the 47 hold, (no plus). McColl and Halenke slipped touching the hold, seemed correct to me.  
OffLine Jan V'
  2016-07-14 09:52:38    
Domesn was just superb. Beast. Glad for Stefano, too. Gutted for Romain, he looked he might have something more in him but maybe he did not slip but rather just didn't have the power to hold on. As far as Tanka Rai is asking, difference between McColl and Romain seems quite obvious, between Halenke and the other not so much; the principal difference there might be that one is Germany and the other French :)
OffLine KlemenP
  2016-07-14 10:14:41    
Superb competition. Big congrats to Janja and Domen who left almost nothing to chance. Domen resting where others fought and Janja topping out despite horrible wind and her feet slipping twice! They were both just unbeatable this time. I was also rooting for Schubert who vas visibly fighting like hell...he was probably on the wall longer than anyone.
OffLine Alexander Sairanen
  2016-07-14 10:32:30    
I was mostly impressed by Anak Verhoeven, who climbed effortlessly and made the top look easy, which it clearly wasn't considering who fell on the same part. I'll reckon she would have won if the route had been a bit harder, as Janja had to put up a fight on the last moves (this is not to take anything away from Janja, who has superb). 
OffLine Tanka Rhai
  2016-07-14 11:39:58    
@j p a: It didn't look like Degranges had that hold more under control than the others. He slipped off hold 46 when he was about to touch hold 47, exactly like McColl and Halenke...