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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Dmitrii Fakirianov signs up with 8c onsight Login in to contribute
Dmitrii Fakirianov signs up with 8c onsight
OffLine 8a.nu
  2017-03-16 00:00:00    
Dmitrii Fakirianov, double Youth World Champion who finished the 2016 Leas WC with 3- 2 - 5, is a new 8a member who just onsighted Fish Eye 8c in Oliana. The Russian is on an onsight training camp in Spain and he has also onsigthed four 8a+ and harder, as well as flashed Fabelita 8c in Santa Linya.

"Before I didn't climb so much on rocks. In Europe I had the opportunity to climb on rocks in 2013 in Arco, Massone and there I did Renis Vibes 8c/+. After that in 2015 in Crimea. I did the first ascent of a very hard route named "Christmas Party". It was harder than Renis Vibes I think. I was the only one who finished it. I wanted to be humble and I graded it as "8c+/?" because I didn't tried and climbed before 9a.

So how was it onsighting an 8c?
"For me it was hard more mentally than physically because I didn't before onsight so hight grade categories) I think that route was my style) : after hard sections - rest positions, long route. It's always not so easy to brake some barriers when you connecting with something new. For me in this situation that barrier was category 8c.

What are you next plan and ambition?
I have some plans to work on my climbing technic and strength. And to compete in some national comps. I will also soon start training Speed in order to go for the Olympics.
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OffLine Franz the Stampede
  2017-03-17 10:05:41    
Wow, congrats Dmitrii.