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Data base assistance
OffLine 8a.nu
  2009-07-10 00:00:00    
There are now more than 1.2 million ascents in the data base. In some cases different names are used for the same crag. Could you please write a comment to help us identify these crags and suggest which name to use, as this will improve the data base. Thanks in advance.
OffLine dom
  2009-07-10 20:51:31    
Little si and Exit 32 (USA) are the same crag.  You should get rid of Exit 32, most people call it Little si.
OffLine Atanas Kovachev
  2009-07-10 21:58:00    
In Bulgaria there are "Vraca" and "Vratca". The correct name is "Vratsa".
OffLine Pär Lindholm
  2009-07-10 22:41:46    
Just outside of Barcelona there is a crag called Sant Llorenç del Munt. This is the correct name since it is the name of the national park (parc natural) that it lays in. Many people have registered ascents under for exampel: * Sant Llorens * St Llorenç del Munt * St Llorenç de Munt (seems to be the default in the database?) * Sant Llorenc * St Llorens * Sant Llorenç Again, correct should be: Sant Llorenç del Munt http://www.santllors.com/index.php
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-10 23:03:44    
Thanks a lot for helping out! Little Si and Vratsa have been corrected. /Grandma
OffLine Maciek Adamowski
  2009-07-10 23:18:42    
"Bedkowice", "Bedkowska" and "dol. bêdkowska" are all the same thing. The most correct name would be Dolina Bedkowska.

The same thing with "Kobylany" and "Dol. kobylanska" - you could change both to "Dolina Kobylanska".
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-10 23:35:43    
@ Pär Thanks! St llorens de montgai/muntgay is the same crag as Sant Llorenç del Munt as well?
OffLine Darta
  2009-07-11 00:28:17    
Baratro and Barratro, in Trieste, Italy, are the same crag. The correct name is Baratro, wich means "precipice" or "chasm". The correct name of Misja Pec is



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Mišja Peč (pron. misha pech). Thank you very much.
OffLine Yughues
  2009-07-11 01:36:09    





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Well, I believe that the best way to solve this problem is allow some volunteers users to get access to the database and correct the names at those crags and routes they know. I could help with some crags in Brazil, like Anhangava, Curucaca, São Luís and Ferradura. For now, here are some routes of the crag called Anhangava: - Capitão Caverna = Capitão caverna => Capitão Caverna - Codigo de ética = Código de Ética => Código de Ética - Decima sinfonia = Décima Sinfonia => Décima Sinfonia - Dragao refogado = Dragão refogado => Dragão Refogado - Monica = Mônica => Mônica - Porca miséria = Porca Miséria => Porca Miséria - Satã Te chama = Satã te chama => Satã Te Chama - Sete Quedas = Sete quedas => Sete Quedas - Sétimo dia = Sétimo Dia => Sétimo Dia - Srs da Verdade = Senhores da verdade => Senhores da Verdade - Tacos Cuscos Nos Muluscos = Tacoscusco nos Molusco => Taca Os Cuscos Nos Moluscos - Vaca Profana = Vaca profana => Vaca Profana - Vinde a mim os top teens = Vinde a mim variante => Vinde A Mim Os Top Ten Another way to reduce this problem is to make impossible to put special characters like “á”, “ç”, “é”, etc. Would also help it if was permitted to write only in capital letters (“JUMBO LOVE” as an example).
OffLine Erik Ahrné
  2009-07-11 10:36:57    
la balme = la balme de yenne
OffLine Maciek Adamowski
  2009-07-11 11:53:13    
dupa słonia and dupa slonia are also the same, only the latter doesn't use special character "ł". Certainly it would be easier for foreign climbers if those characters weren't used, but I don't know how you'd like it, so please correct it the way you want.

PS. Now that I see the way you correct those names, I'm not sure whether it's the right thing to do. I mean, people have their ascents added with "Bedkowska" or "Bedkowice" and now if you click on any of these crag names, it shows 0 ascents in the database, instead of somehow switching you to the new "Dolina Bedkowska"... not the way I imagined this.
OffLine Dragos Fenesan
  2009-07-11 15:21:20    
in Romania: "Tureni" and "Cheile Tureni" are the same crag. should be  "Cheile Tureni" "Bicaz"  should be "Cheile Bicazului" "Mada" or "Cheile Madei" should be "Cheile Mada" "Baile Herculane" should be "Herculane" "sandulesti/turzii" shoud be "Cheiele Turzii" sector "Sandulesti"
OffLine Sune Hermit
  2009-07-11 17:51:32    
I agree with the comment from Yughues: special caracters should be avoided. What are peoples thoughts about this? It would be a lot easier for foreigners to register climbs if special caracters were avoided - but it may not be to the liking of the locals? Please comment on this.

Also please check if climbs are registered for Kullen or Kullaberg. Kullen is the Danish name for Kullaberg and I think the local swedish name Kullaberg should be used.
OffLine JooonasS
  2009-07-11 19:02:17    
-there is a Ötztal, to call it Otztal is just wrong...
-Engelswand and Tumpen are the same
-Starkenbach and Affenhimmel are the same (the right name is Starkenbach)
-China Mauer and Chinesische Mauer are the same, too (I would call it Chinesische Mauer, but I´m not sure)
-even if more people call it Adlitzgraben, I think Adlitzgräben is right
-Črni kal, Crni Kal and črni kal are the same, but the correct name is Črni Kal
-Cala Fuili and Fuili are the same (it´s Cala Fuili)
-MASSONE belongs to Arco
-Sardinien and Sardinia are the same, but I don´t know what to do with that, because there are many different crags on Sardinia (like for example Cala Gonone, Cala Luna, Jerzu...). I don´t think you can all put all that together in one crag
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-11 20:57:01    
@ Maciek and Lorenzo Dolina Bedkowska, Dolina Kobylanska and Baratro have been corrected. @ Yughues If you search for Capitão Caverna you get the same result as for capitão caverna, don't you? Since the database isn't case sensitive, we will first of all prioritize misspelled crags/routes like Tacos Cuscos Nos Muluscos = Tacoscusco nos Molusco => Taca Os Cuscos Nos Moluscos Thanks anyhow!
OffLine Maciek Adamowski
  2009-07-11 21:34:17    

Please read my last post. The way you did it it's worse than before. Most people have their ascents under "Bedkowice" and now this crag name leads to "0 ascents found" - something's wrong! You can check that, for example, using my scorecard, I have some ascents from Bedkowice in 2006 - please check it.
The way it should work is one of these:
1) Bedkowice are automatically changed to Dolina Bedkowska in all the people's scorecards
2) if you click on Bedkowice, or you type Bedkowice in a search field, it leads to Dolina Bedkowska.
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-11 21:59:04    
@Maciek I'm not webmaster so I'm not fully aware of how everything works but I belive there is an update of the crag database each night. If you take a look at your scorecard again tomorrow it will probably say Dolina Bedkowska instead. If you then click on the crag name you will see all ascents. This type of update has been done hundreds of times before and we have not had any problems before that I'm aware of at least. You are probably just too fast! But keep us posted if it hasn't changed by tomorrow! Appreciate it!
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-11 22:05:21    
@ Erik....La Balme has been fixed! @ Maciek and Sune....I think we will keep special characters and original local names. We are hoping more and more people will start to use the "Search and Add" function instead of "Add" when registering ascents. That way there won't be any problems with special characters or new misspelled routes or crags or anything. It is also faster and easier to use the search and add!
OffLine Aleksandr Stepanov
  2009-07-11 22:44:16    
In Ukraine in Crimea there are "Red Stone", "Redstone", "Read Stone", "Crimea", "Krasnyy Kamen' (Ukraine)", "Krasnyy Kamen (Ukraine)", "Krasnyy Kamen" ... The correct name is Krasnyy Kamen'. Also correct is 'crag Nikita' and incorrect is 'crag Crimea and sector Nikita in it', similarly with Krasnyy Kamen' and other crags of the Crimea peninsula.
OffLine Chris Savage
  2009-07-11 22:45:03    
There are a few erorrs with the UK crags!! 1] cheddar and cheddar gorge are the same crag!! 2] Portland is a small island part of the UK, and the  Cuttings is a crag on that island!! I think its best to keep portland as the crag and then people can write the cuttings, battleship ,etc as the sector! 3] Dancing Legde , Winspit, are in the area called Swanage !! I think Swanage should be the crag, and Dancing ledge , Winspit etc should be the sector!! The problem with the UK crags is they are mostly all small and there is a lot of them close together!! I think its best to go with the broader view - ie portland for all the crags/sectors on portland - otherwise there will be way too many crags on the website!!  
OffLine dom
  2009-07-12 02:50:36    
I think Yughues has a good idea, suggesting allowing volunteers to correct the name and spelling of routes at their local crags.  There are so many errors it would be virtually impossible for the moderators to fix them all without local knowlegde.
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2009-07-12 09:18:01    
@ Dominic: You are right but we can not open, at the moment,open the data base to everyone as there might be someone who makes a mistake or on purpose write falls name.
First, webmaster has to program a control system before we can open it to everyone.
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-12 09:47:54    
@Titifrig and Sune....done! @Jonili.....Is Engelswand/Tumpen (which name should we use?) a sector at Ötztal or a separate crag?
OffLine Maciek Adamowski
  2009-07-12 10:36:59    
You were right, I checked today and my ascents are now under the new name - Dolina Bedkowska. However... this name doesn't link to anything now, it's just plain text.
OffLine Pär Lindholm
  2009-07-12 13:17:47    
@Farmor No, it is not the same. That crag is close to Lleida.
OffLine Bartłomierz Krzepki
  2009-07-12 14:45:00    
some polish boulder spots: Ciężkowice=Ciezkowice Brody = Brody Iłżeckie = Brody Ilzeckie Borzęta = Borzeta Rzędkowice = Rzedkowice
OffLine louis de cornulier
  2009-07-13 12:53:48    
For Céüse, France:

a patrick

A. Patrick

A.Patrick --> A Patrick

Au delà des ombres

Au-delà des ombres

Audela desOmbres --> Au-delà des ombres

Carte Noir

Carte Noire

Carte Noire --> Carte Noire


Covilles Du Loup

Coules de Loup

Conille de loup

Couille de Loup

couilles de loup --> Couilles de loup

Cope de blues po

coup de bleu pour dom

Coup de blues por Dom

coup de blues pou dom

coup de blues pour d

Coup de blues pour Dom

Coup de blues...


doup de blues pour Dom --> Coup de blues pour petit Dom

Face D'Iguana

Face dIguane

Face d'iguane

face iguane --> Face d'iguane

La forteresse

La forteresse invisi

la forteresse invisible

La fortresse inv

La fprteresse in --> La forteresse invisible

la touffe de ma

La touffe de ma dalt

La Touffe de Ma Dalton --> La touffe de Ma Dalton

La sucettes a' l'anis

La sucettes anis

les succettes a l'anus

Les sucettes

Les sucettes a

Les sucettes a l

Les sucettes à l'ani

Les sucettes à l'anis

les sucettes l'anis

Les Sucettes..

Sucettes à l'anis --> Les sucettes à l'anis

sea sex & sun

Sea sex and sun

Sea sex and sun

Sea sex anf Fun

sea sex sun

Sea, sex and sun

Sea, Sex, Sun

see sex & sun --> Sea sex and sun to be continued...
OffLine louis de cornulier
  2009-07-13 12:55:47    
something really needs to be done about excel charts, when you copy one, it leaves all those blank spaces for no reason.
OffLine Dragos Fenesan
  2009-07-13 13:02:50    
again in Romania: "Buces Vulcan" should be "Buces-Vulcan" 10x
OffLine JooonasS
  2009-07-13 13:18:10    
@Farmor: yes it is... but Oberried and Niederthai are also in Ötztal... I would put it all together except Niederthai (because its a very big and important crag)...
OffLine Bifi
  2009-07-13 14:48:28    



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@ Farmor
: there is a crag in Romania
, called " Belvedere-Predeal ", but when you search to add routes it
appears a crag from Italy ,
called " Belvedere ", and because of this many routes from Romania   , appear in crag
"Belvedere" from Italy .
So, the crag from Romania
should be called " Belvedere-Predeal ", and the routes I was talking
about are :

Iesati Pulanilor= Iesiti pulanilor---> Iesâti pulanilor
I don't know
Nimath= Nimat---> Nimath
Noroc != Noroc---> Noroc !
Baieti de baieti=Băieţi de Băieţi   --> Băieţi
de băieţi
Traseul scoala= Scoala---> Traseul scoala
King Size
Fete de fete
Cyborg= Cyporc ---> Cyborg
Bring da Noize=Bring da noise=Bring da noiz ---> Bring da noize
Have a nice day
Game over
No job no problem =No Job No Problem= No job, no problem--->
No job no problem
Fulg de Nea
Nea Lica= Nea lica---> Nea Lica
Koko jumbo= Koko Jumbo---> Koko jumbo
Parancia virginuliu ionizat---> Paranoia virginului ionizat
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-13 20:59:06    
@ Alexandr I have fixed Red stone as well as a few other crags at the crimea peninsula. @ Chris Cheddar and Swanage are fixed. Any other locals that disagree with Chris regarding portland? Otherwise I will do as he suggests... Thanks both!
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-13 21:42:31    
@ dr t. Done with the boulder spots...dziękuję! @ everyone there are a lot more out there....keep them coming
OffLine Max Kanel
  2009-07-13 23:03:19    
In Ukraine we have "Kam'janec'-Podil's'kyj" crag, and there is total mess with it's name. People have registered ascents with crag name: Kamenec Kamenets Kamianets Kamenec-Podolskiy Kamianets Podolskiy Kam`janec-Podilskyj Kamianets-Podilskiy Kamyanets-Podilskiy Kamenets-Podolsky Kamyanets' Podol'skyy Kam`janec'-Podil's'kyj This is the same crag, and correct transliteration is: Kam'janec'-Podil's'kyj Thanks!
OffLine Shock
  2009-07-13 23:34:40    
If you go to Crags, change to bouldering and pick France, there are: Bleau ---> same as Fontainebleau Buthiers ---> area in Fontainebleau and should be Fontainebleau Canche Aux Merciers ---> area in Fontainebleau and should be Fontainebleau In Finland, route: Vipavska Bela ---> not in Finland, maybe Slovenia? In Finland, bouldering: Kasviken ---> area in Åland and should be Åland In Spain Bouldering: Cogul --> same as El Cogul A major problem is with Italy Routes. There is a crag called "Sardinia" which is of course a bit misleading when you have like 10 different crags from Sardinia also (e.g. Cala Gonone, Cala Luna, Domusnovas etc.). I would pour everything under "Sardinia" since all in Kalymnos is also poured under the island's name.
OffLine dom
  2009-07-13 23:43:18    
If we are talking route names as well, here is one that has been bugging me. At the crag Little si, Rainy Day Woman is the same route as Rainy Day Women (should be spelt Wom e n).  Also can you tell me why this route is listed at #2 on the ticklist and again at #17 even when they are spelt the same?  Is it because of the uppercase/lowercase letters?  or maybe because when you changed exit 32 to Little si you called it Little S i? thanks
OffLine Herman
  2009-07-14 04:21:51    
fixing these DB mistakes is like "Mopping with the faucet on".
Make it easier to select an existing name from the DB then typing a new one.
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-14 07:21:22    
@ Herman and everyone else There is a way to register ascents without typing the route and crag name! When you are logged on...choose routes or bouders in the column on the left. In the tree view that appears click on "search & add". That takes you to a page that looks like the one you reach when you klick "Search - Tick List" in the menu at the top. The difference is that when you are searching via "Search & add" you can register ascents with just a few clicks without writing anything. Write the name of the crag you have been to and press search. A list of all ascents appears. To the right there is a pen symbol. Click on that one and a popup appears. When you see the popup you'll now what to do. Some ascents might show up in green. These are the one that you allready have registered.
OffLine Dragos Fenesan
  2009-07-14 11:54:11    
again in Romania: "Vadul Crisului" should be "Vadu Crisului" "Remetea" should be "Rimetea"
OffLine zapfenwolfi
  2009-07-14 14:54:24    
it is a valley 35km long with several quite distanced climbing spots. see  www.climbers-paradise.com I´m not sure whether it makes sense to have all this with one name Ötztal. I would prefer it to have it as seperate spots. Problem is than to differ the ascents already filled in with Ötztal.
Edit - added : the decision should be made however by the locals Wolfi
OffLine PGB
  2009-07-14 15:32:41    
Sant Llorenç del Munt and Sant Llorenç de Montgai are two different crags. I've seen some routes from Sant Llorenç de Montgai registered as if they were Sant Llorenç del Munt routes. This are those routes: La patum La silla eléctrica Medidas desesperadas Presidiari Libertad condicional Garrote Bill Condenada a muerte Condenada In fact, all the routes in the Sector "Disblia" are from Sant Llorenç de Montgai.
OffLine Max Kanel
  2009-07-14 16:21:09    
I think the good way to maintain crag DB in good health is to create synonyms(common errors) list for crags. Assume situation: user has opened "Add route" form and type incorrect crag name in "crag" field, then leaves field. Browser sends Ajax request to the server, there should be checking of submitted value against synonyms list. If match found - prompt user with message under "crag" field, like: "We believe that the correct name for this crag is xxxxx", where xxxxx is the correct name.
OffLine PGB
  2009-07-14 16:24:17    
More from Sant Llorenç del Munt: There is a route called Sexe, salut i Sant Llorenç wich is registered with this different names: Sexe,salut i St. Llorenç    Sexe,salut y sant llorenc Sexe, salut i sant llorenç Sexe,salut i sant llorenç SEXE, SALUD I SANT LLORENÇ Sexo, salud y San LLorens Sexo, Salud y Sant Llorenç Sexe, salut i St. Llorenç Sexo salut y Sant Llorec Sexe, salut y sant llorenc The route Fosca i tosca is registered as: Tosca i fosca Fosca i Tosca The route Calladeta fas més goig is registered as: Calladeta fas mes go CALLADETA ESTAS MES MACA Calladeta ... Calladeta .... Calladeta Calladeta fas més goig The route S'hi ha d'anar is registered as: S´hi a d´anar Shi ha d'Anar S'hi ha d'anar The route S'hi ha d'anar pel recte is registered as: S´hi ha d´anar pel recte S´hi ha d'anar pel recte S'HI HA D'ANAR PEL RECTE S'hi ha d'anar recte Si ha d'anar recte S'hi ha d'anar pel recte The route Blackout is registered as: Blackout Black out Black Out And for the moment that's it... I will continue updating route names in another moment ;)
OffLine Pär Lindholm
  2009-07-14 22:36:40    
@PGB - Nice work! I'm just back from Sant Llorenc after a nice evening of climbing there. I like the crag a log! @Farmor - I also founds routes registered under the crag "La Mola". This is the main mountain in Sant Llorenç del Munt. These ascents should also be changed to Sant Llorenç del Munt.
OffLine PGB
  2009-07-15 12:37:01    
@Farmor: I've seen people is still finding the "old names" of the crag when they start to type it's name on the "Add routes" page instead they have 0 ascensions. In example: St llorenç de munt (the old, and wrong, registered name) has now a few ascents. Also this wrong name is suggested when you start typing it. The new good name, Sant Llorenç del Munt, does not appear by default when users start to type it's name. It's confusing, despite changing crag and route names, the database should be cleaned of wrong names :)
OnLine Andrea Gennari Daneri
  2009-07-16 02:19:41    
Villanueva del Cauche and Yugoslavia (South Spain Crag) is the same spot (Yugoslavia is just the name of main sector)
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-20 18:29:42    
@ titifrig.... Buces-Vulcan is fixed. Thanks
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-20 19:30:40    
@ Bifi... Belvedere-Predeal is fixed @ PGB...I'm aware of that. Thats something for the webmaster but he is on vacation at the moment
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-20 19:51:47    
@ Max Kanel.... Kam'janec'-Podil's'kyj is fixed
OffLine Antoni Dikov
  2009-07-20 21:09:07    
In Bulgaria
Veliko Tarnovo and st. trinity-must be Veliko Tarnovo

tiulenovo,tjulenovo and tyulenovo-tyulenovo

rila monastery and rilski manastir-rila monastery

maljovica and maliovitca-malyovitsa
OffLine joza
  2009-07-21 09:09:17    
Kamnitnik is in Slovenia, not in South Africa.
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-22 21:18:02    
@ Shock...done! Will wait a little with Kasviken/Åland and Sardinia since I'm not sure what's best to do. I think we should keep the same distinction between crags and areas as the local guidebooks use. How are the guidebooks over Åland and Sardinia divided? @ Dominic Kehoe...I have fixed rainy day women. Each route will appear once for each grade that has been suggested. Upper or lower case doesn't affect that. Vielen dank
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-22 22:05:28    
@ louis de cornulier....done with the routes you mentioned in Céüse I have to get a life... =)
OffLine Shock
  2009-07-23 00:17:54    
Topo for Åland does not exist. The best source for problems and areas is 27crags.com (there's a google map so you can see the different areas). If you look at Åland with the same eye as Fontainebleau then Kasviken and Geta should be under Åland since the distance between the areas in Åland is not big. The areas aren't that big either, any part of Cuvier in Fontainebleau is bigger than all the climbing in Åland. Sardinia has several topos, one covering the whole island (pietro di luna) and many regional topos covering certain parts of the island. Pietro di luna shows couple of areas in Alghero area while Alghero topo shows close to 30 and there's more developed on the moment. Fact is that the island is much much bigger than kalymnos and thus isn't totally comparable. How they should be divided depends on what is the use. For ticklist purposes, pouring everything under "Sardinia" is the choice. If however the emphasize is on getting more detailed database, then I guess those under "Sardinia" currently need to be manually put to right crags.
OffLine Florian Mastacan
  2009-07-23 23:13:19    
The fix which was done for the Romanian crag Belvedere by renaming it to Belvedere-Predeal is useless, as people will continue to add the ascents to the "regular" name which is.... "Belvedere". I understand the same name crag is valid for a Italian crag, isn't it possible to have both crags with the same name inside the database but linked with their correct country? By doing this, when you will add your ascents you will be able to select either Belvedere from Romania or Italy (using the crag field autocomplete feature). I repeat, the correct name is Belvedere, not Belvedere-Predeal and the actual "new" renaming might lead to future mistakes.
OffLine Shock
  2009-07-23 23:54:48    
Vecchio Leone Vecchia Lione Vechia Lione They are all the same boulder. What is the real name or area, I have no idea but DG has the first 8a.nu mention of the boulder (calling it Vechia Lione) but Dosage 3 calls it "Vecchia Lione". Go figure...
OffLine joza
  2009-07-24 10:25:15    
Goltschach is in fact City: Klagenfurt Ascents: 357 Average Stars: 1.2 ')">Göltschach ...
OffLine Shock
  2009-07-24 15:05:19    
Bah bah black sheep Bah Bah Blacksheep Bah bha blakc seph. BaBa Black Sheep Ba, ba black sheep All the same route, FA is by DG and he called it "Ba, Ba Black Sheep" (Video Autoroute seems to call it misleadinly "Bah, Bah Black Sheep").
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-27 20:12:59    
@PGB and Pär Lindholm... I'm done with Sant Llorenç del Munt/La Mola and Sant Llorenç de Montgai. Have asked webmaster to fix the crag database as well.
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-27 21:18:11    
@andrea gennari danieri...Villanueva del Cauche is fixed as well. Thanks
OnLine Farmor
  2009-07-27 21:34:17    
@ Florian Mastacan....thanks for clearing that up. Will take care of it
OffLine User Deactivated
  2009-07-29 08:31:45    
Veliko Tarnovo = St. Trinity

same crag = veliko tarnovo
OffLine Michael Borsdorf
  2009-07-29 23:35:26    
I would like to suggest the creation of some of the new "emerging" crags, so you could avoid some misspelling right from the start. In Portugal, the following crags come to mind: Meio Mango Portas de Almourão Murches (Encosta dos Bêbados) Cabo da Roca Pedreiras And you may change "Buracas" to "Buracas do Casmilo", as there are some ascents for "Casmilo". Thx  
OffLine holden
  2009-07-30 11:55:45    
Jelašnica (Serbia) is appearing in database as Jelašnica or Jelašnica or Jelasnica for routes and as Jelašnica or Jelašnica for boulders. I think that it would be best if you name it as Jelašnica
OffLine Jens Jørgensen
  2009-08-11 07:06:59    
The Bouldering area of Åland is set under various names Kasviken is a sector on Åland Ahvenanmaa is the finish name for Åland Djupviken is part of the Åland bouldering areas Geta likewise The most used name is Åland and also the best known, so this would make the most sense
OffLine drodino
  2009-08-11 08:43:14    
In the U.S. -Horse Pens 40 (correct)  is listed several times:  HP40, HP 40, Horse pens and Horse pens 40. -Little Rock City is also listed as Lrc.
OffLine Daniel Marques
  2009-08-13 20:47:51    
In Brasil there is a Crag called São Luís do Purunã but some people wrote it São luiz do purunã.

Correct: São Luís do Purunã
OnLine Farmor
  2009-09-07 18:45:44    
@Joza.... Göltschach is fixed
OnLine Farmor
  2009-09-07 18:50:00    
@ Shock...so is Ba, Ba Black Sheep
OnLine Farmor
  2009-09-07 20:06:57    
@ ioni, holden, drodino and daniel marques...done! Thanks
OffLine PGB
  2009-09-08 16:16:22    
As the old name "St llorenç de munt" appears suggested when introducing new ascents, a lot of people has logged ascents with this wrong name instead of "Sant Llorenç del Munt". Would be nice to fix it and fix the suggested name ;)
OffLine User Deactivated
  2009-09-09 12:23:13    
and in this crag ( Veliko Tarnovo, which is also the same with veliko, v.turnovo, v. turovo, v turnovo, velikotarnovo , USTETO, st. troica, Sv.Troitsa,Bulgariya ; Sv.Troitza,Bulgaria and Sv.Trinity,Bulgariya ) :
the three lions = three lions = 3 lions = trite lava= tree lions = the tree lions 
fire blade = fireblade
shopska salad = shopsky salad = shopska salat = shopska salata
challanger = challaner 
very rough = mnogo grubo
round the hole = near the hole = okolo dupkata=raund the hope 
stairway to heaven = slairway to heaven
russian roulette = Russian Roullete = russian roulete = ruska ruletka
first win = prva pobeda
rom = rum
narkoman = narcoman
crucial point = crutial point= critical point = kritichna tochka = kriticna tocka
the branch=kolonkata
fighting partner= sparing partnor
OffLine joza
  2009-09-10 09:54:48    
I found 3 different names for Črni kal (correct); crni kal and črni kal.
OffLine joza
  2009-09-10 10:16:38    
In Kupljenik you have a lot of different names: correct                                                       also used Klub ljubiteljev Kuplenka                           Klub ljubiteljev Kupljenika,                                                                      Klub ljubiteljev Kupljenka Ča-Ča-Ča                                                      Ca ca ca Bicycle Rise                                               Bicycle rase                                                                     Bicycle Rase Kuščar                                                         Kuscar Babji zob                                                      Babyi Zob The show must go on                                 Show must go on                                                                    The show must go on!                                                                    Tit Andronik                                                Titandronik                                                                      Tit andronik Življenje                                                       Zivljenje
OnLine Farmor
  2009-10-10 08:32:39    
@ Ioni and PGB.....I'm done Keep them coming...
OnLine Farmor
  2009-10-10 09:04:52    
@ Joza...I'm done but is Kupljenik and Bohinjska bela the same crag?
OffLine Ted Kingsnorth
  2009-10-11 10:26:37    
In the UK, there is no crag called 'Stoney Point', which I believe might be in the USA. The correct name is 'Stoney Middleton', which is sometimes shortened to 'Stoney'. This area is near to Sheffield and has lots of historic bouldering, made famous by Jerry Moffat and Ben Moon, amongst others. See Revelations by Jerry for more details.   Currently, all ascents at Stoney automatically appear as being at Stoney Point. Can this be changed please?
OffLine Shock
  2009-10-11 12:13:03    
In crags, France, there's Ceüse and Ceuse. They should be the same.
OnLine Farmor
  2009-10-11 22:00:27    
@ Ted and Shock.....done. Thanks
OffLine joza
  2009-10-12 11:42:43    
Kupljenik and Bohinjska bela are in fact in some guidebooks the same area, but in others like the on - line guidebook for Slovenia (http://www.plezanje.net/climbing/db/index.asp?file=cragIntro.xml&p_cc=SI&p_ord=n), they are divided. I prefer two different crags, as they are a bit apart from each other. They used to be together, when there were just 3 routes in Kupljenik, but that changed... In the link above, you can check a perfect on line guidebook, with all routes from Slovenia (and some abroad), which you can rate on your own oppinion. There is also an 8a.nu ranking included in which the program takes the average route grade for calculatin, based on climbers oppinions. You can also have a climbing diary and pick routes from the database that you climbed that day, choose from red point, flash, on sight, top rope, doing all the moves... And than you have a lot of statistics by simply clicking on the crag it shows you all your visits there, or by clicking a route it shows you all yours tries... I think, that you can really look up to it and sometime in the future get your database there.
OffLine Daniel Keller
  2009-10-13 12:12:38    
hi simplon, Sempione and simplon dorf are the same The right name is "Simplon Dorf". sempione is the italian name of the crag. but as the crag is in a german region it should have the german name Ticino isn't a crag it is a region in switzerland on most of the routes, the right crag-Name is mentioned as Sector! Interlaken isn't a crag, it is a town. There are several crags arround interlaken: Dällenboden, Bockstor, Wilderswil, Lehn, Neuhaus, Harder, Luegibrüggli Val Pennavaire in Italy is a complete Valley (similiar to Oetztal) and there are a lot of different Crags with different Sectors. The same for Finale or Finale Ligure: Finale Ligure is a town with a lot of different crags with different sectors.
OnLine Farmor
  2009-10-24 08:20:51    
@ danielk k done with simplon dorf, ticino and interlaken....thanks
OffLine joza
  2009-10-27 10:08:06    
You have 3 different names for one of the most popular crags in Slovenia, Črni kal (correct). You can also find Crni kal and črni kal. It's all the same... There are also two different names for Križevska vas (correct), also used Krizevska vas.
OffLine gianluca
  2009-10-27 11:33:18    
In crags, France, there's Ceüse and Ceuse. They should be the same. the correct french spelling is " Céüse". Notice "é" and most important the "ü" . If you don't put the "ü", a french that never heard the name would pronounce it as "Suus", istead of "Say-use" another less common name, but technically correct, is "Céuze", which is a really local/regional spelling for the cliff (it is not exactly common french) @shock if it was meant to be italian, "Vecchio Leone" is the correct spelling. This name also appears in bernd zangerl's "memento" movie (is he the FA?) "vecchia lione" is mis-typed italian, but could very well be done on purpose. go figure...
OffLine Łowca Szemranek
  2009-11-13 00:01:46    
Będkowice = Dolina Będkowska
OffLine anderfo
  2009-11-13 02:25:22    
there are 727 ascents registered for "Sardinia" (in Italy) and where the Village or the Crag name is set as a Sector name. This makes a mess... For example, change (from) --> (to): Sardinia/Biddiri scottai --> Cala Gonone/Biddiriscottai Sardinia/Biddiriscottai --> Cala Gonone/Biddiriscottai Sardinia/Arcadio --> Cala Gonone/Arcadio Sardinia/Millenium --> Cala Gonone/Millennium Sardinia/Millennium --> Cala Gonone/Millennium Sardinia/Calla Fuili --> Cala Gonone/Cala Fuili Sardinia/Cala Fuili --> Cala Gonone/Cala Fuili Sardinia/Fuili --> Cala Gonone/Cala Fuili Sardinia/Buchi arta --> Cala Gonone/Buchi arta Sardinia/Cala Luna --> Cala Gonone/Cala Luna Sardinia/Dorgali --> Dorgali Sardinia/La Noce Secca (Dorgali) --> Dorgali/La Noce Secca Sardinia/Isili --> Isili Sardinia/Isili (Pietra filosofale) --> Isili/Pietra filosofale Sardinia/Isili, pietra filosofale --> Isili/Pietra filosofale Sardinia/Isili ( Urania) --> Isili/Urania Sardinia/The Lemon House, Ogliastra --> Ogliastra/The Lemon House Sardinia/Jerzu Isola del Tesoro Ogliastra--> Jerzu/Isola del Tesoro Sardinia/Isola del Tesoro, Ogliastra --> Jerzu/Isola del Tesoro Sardinia/Isola del Tesoro, Jerzu (Ogliastra) --> Jerzu/Isola del Tesoro Sardinia/Palazzo d'Inverno Jerzu Ogliastra --> Jerzu/Palazzo d'Inverno Sardinia/Palazzo d'Inverno Jerzu --> Jerzu/Palazzo d'Inverno Sardinia/Monte Scoine (Ogliastra) --> Ogliastra/Monte Scoine Sardinia/Serra Oseli, Ogliastra --> Ogliastra/Serra Oseli Sardinia/Lucertole al Sole Ogliastra --> Ogliastra/Lucertole al Sole Sardinia/Porto Santa Maria Navarrese, Ogliastra --> Ogliastra/Porto Santa Maria Navarrese Sardinia/Gola di San Giorgio Osini --> Osini/Gola di San Giorgio

Wow you have a lot of work to do. But hopefully, after fixing all this and if people start using "Search & Tick" these problems will decrease...
OffLine anderfo
  2009-11-13 02:58:44    
Regarding the crag Hell in Norway, there are quite a few misspelled route names: Björnmöte -> Bjørnemøte Din jaevel -> Din jævel Drømmen om laila -> Drømmen om Lajla Gammel-erik -> Gammel Erik Gammel erik -> Gammel Erik Go to hell -> Go to Hell Hell aldersheim -> Hell Aldersheim *Helsing frå ho mor -> Helsing frå ho mor I negerns vold -> I negerens vold Johnny kraft -> Jonny Kraft Klassikern -> Klassikeren Mörkrets Furste -> Mørkets første Nato Plank -> Natoplank Råkken råll -> Råkkenroll Tvangstroya -> Tvangstrøya Ut av Mörkret -> Ut av mørket
OnLine Farmor
  2009-11-14 10:03:04    
@ anderfo...done with Hell