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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Byaku-dou 8C by Mishka Ishi (13) Login in to contribute
Byaku-dou 8C by Mishka Ishi (13)
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-05-04 00:00:00    
Mishka Ishi has repeated Dai Koyamada's 8C Byaku-dou in Horai, after some days 20 projecting it during one year. This means she has set a new world standard for 13 year old's. It is a 25 move roof which has been done once before. Mishka is the second female to have done an 8C after Ashima Shirishi who did Horizon at age 14.

She begun climbing being 6 years old and later her mother has started to climb. Previously she has done four 8B's and Nyu-Metsu 8B+ so her ticklist puts her among the very best. No hard routes yet but she is trying an 8b+.

"I have no trainer. I think and act by myself. It is so much fun but there is always someone who takes me to the rock and he is Jun Shibanuma. He travels to all parts of the globe and he is a wonderful climber. He talks about the rocks in the world and to tell the truth I had him interpret for me. I am learning English."
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OffLine Hank Sato
  2019-05-05 06:56:59    
Wow, amazing and incredible and inspiring, particularly for all female climbers !  Congratulations for this great achievement. This is actually a third proclaimed repeat after Nagao-kun and Ryuichi Murai.  I once heard a rumor from a local gym manager there was this anonymous guy from northern Kanto area who actually made the 2nd ascent of Byakudoh, but has never openly announced his ascent.  Nevertheless, this is really an inspiring news !  
OffLine Yuki Yuki
  2019-05-05 17:25:38    
I think the guy you are talking is nicknamed “Yubio (finger-man)” a.k.a Machine. Most of local climbers in Tokai area know him well and he made most of second ascent of hard problems in Tokai area. However, he never announced his ascents, even never shows his name in his hard FA problems, include "Meikyoshisui/8B+/8C" in Tooyamagawa. He is a kind of living-legend (not old guy), and probably most strongest Japanese climber dedicated to outside climbing next to Dai Koyamada, as far as I know. He has his own climbing philosophy.
OffLine Hank Sato
  2019-05-05 19:18:58    
Thank you for telling me about yet another great legendary climber! He himself is amazing and I was so impressed. Yet, the female ascent is equally impressive and congrats to her again.
OffLine Joe Goedemans
  2019-05-09 07:39:48    
Just another amazingly strong climber to add to the long list of climbing savants in japan. Amazing dedication to travel all the way from Tokyo each time (about 5hours one way). Congrats!!