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Biographie 9a+ by Stefano Carnati
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-09-22 00:00:00    
Stefano Carnati , who did his first 9a+ when he was 17 years old, has done Biographie 9a+ in Céüse. This was actually the 16th repeat of Chris Sharma's mega-classic from 2002 which makes it actually the second most repeated 9a+ in the world, after La Rambla. (c) Don Mason

" I started working on it last July and in September I was able to climb the first part a few times. Back on it this year in May, feelings were much better, but most of the times I struggled to find good conditions. Yesterday everything was perfect: with a strong wind blowing, I felt physically good, my mindset was calm and relaxed! I could not lose one of the very last chances to send it this year! And it all went in the right way!"
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OffLine Bojan
  2018-09-23 15:09:25    
>Chris Sharma's mega-classic from 2002

OffLine Alexej Pin
  2018-09-23 16:31:33    
It's actually the third most repeated 9a+ in the world:
Biographie: 16 repeats
Papichulo: 17 repeats
La Rambla Extension: 22 repeats

OnLine Jens Larssen
  2018-09-23 18:54:31    
Thanks...news have been edited :)
OffLine Ted Kingsnorth
  2018-09-23 20:00:01    
Realization was first climbed in July 2001 by Sharma
OffLine Peter Deetz
  2018-09-26 18:15:09    
in late August I spent 2 weeks @ Ceüse and one evening shortly before sunset this young guy fell off one of the last moves of "Biographie." he was shouting Italian swear words for about 10 minutes and when we walked past I felt so sorry for him :( I'm glad you did it Stefano, never give up fighting!!