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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Beto Rocasolano repeats 'Catalan Witness the Fitness' 8C Login in to contribute
Beto Rocasolano repeats 'Catalan Witness the Fitness' 8C
OffLine 8a.nu
  2016-02-05 00:00:00    
Alberto Rocasolano has just got the first repeat of Catalán Witness the Fitness. The FA of this boulder problem was done by Chris Sharma, who didn't give it an exact grade but commented that "I'm not so sure about the grade but it's something like an 8B/+ into a 8A+ , so whatever that means ;)". After that, Nacho Sánchez was able to link the first part saying that he broke a hold at the crux so it might then be 8B+.

In the end, Beto was the first to repeat the whole line two days ago, suggesting 8C for it. We, in the Spanish 8a.nu site, took advantage of his ascent to talk to this guy from Madrid, who is not new to hard grades having repeated Nacho Sánchez's 'Entropia' 8C and also having the FA of 'Soyuz low start' 8C under his belt.

What is the most difficult part of this problem? How do the moves feel like? Is it very long? "The most difficult part is a first section of 7 moves, super bouldery, where I broke a crux hold and made it even more difficult. The second stretch is more like endurance. It's got 17 movements in total."

It seems like roofs is a style that fits you well... "Well, I like everything, either roofs or not."

You're running out of difficult rigs... Have you got any other super hard project? "Now I've got two hard ones: one near home which I found this year and it's one of those that you can retire from climbing if you send it... hahaha...; and, the other will be around 8C+ or 8C/+ for sure and I'm really close to send it... But one needs to send things before bragging about them... hahaha."

Would you like to try and eventually send the original 'Witness the Fitness'? "Just travelling to there and trying it would be a dream made true for me... hahaha."
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OffLine delkop
  2016-02-05 16:35:46    
Thanks for posting this :)  I think 8C ascents are newsworthy even if they are not made by the most famous guys.   
OffLine Just a MAN
  2016-02-10 21:46:39    
You're welcome!!