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Beta.8a.nu Launched!
OffLine 8a.nu
  2016-04-24 00:00:00    
We're thrilled to announce that the private beta for our new scorecard has been launched!

The first 500 users on the mailing list got access today and we're expanding to more users soon. If you would like to get a beta invite, head over to the Beta website and sign up for the newsletter!

First new features:
- Full responsive redesign
-- Designed for all devices ranging form mobile phones to desktop computers
- New scorecard layout
- New trend graph
-- Stacked linegraph showing different types of ascents
-- It is now possible to switch between points and number of ascents
- Less page refreshes when using the scorecard
- Less advertisements results and a more friendly user experience
OffLine Jackson Allan
  2016-04-24 19:59:04    
It looks more modern, and a lot cleaner aesthetically, but in it's current form, I prefer the existing 8a site. I want to be able to see everything on the one screen, all this scrolling, and the massive banner at the top, feels a bit clunky.  The biggest thing that would help would be auto-suggestion on all fields when inputting sends. Currently you have that on the crag name, but it would be even better if you could do it for sector and climb.
OffLine Tieme
  2016-04-24 23:20:17    
Hi, I share your desire for an overview where you can see everything on your scorecard at once. Fortunately the new design is not set in stone yet, we can still change everything we want :).  Regarding the banner. It is indeed a bit clunky, but we had to make room for some sponsors and we've chosen one big one over multiple crazy animating small ones for now. Note that there is also a banner in the footer (and we could include this size on other spots if needed). This might also change in the future, but I think a balance towards bigger but a bit less obtrusive banners has our preference. It would be great if we find a few sponsors who share this idea and come up with great, almost 'arty' banners that also look nice. Regarding auto suggestions, that is definitely on our list. I think you'll be happily surprised by the new search once it launches (which will still take a while).  Lets see how the beta goes and what other users will have to say.  Thanks for your feedback!  Tieme
OffLine Dani Puigdomènech
  2016-04-25 08:30:46    
I agree with Jackson, the looks are fine but the information was more at hand in the old one. I personally like better the pyramid. Half a pyramid has the same information but it is less visual. It also looks like a very (very) early release of the beta. Maybe it would've been better to wait until more functionalities are ready, people will get tired of giving feedback.
OffLine Tieme
  2016-04-25 08:44:39    
It's indeed a very early release. But I'm getting lots of positive reactions via email from users that say they like the early beta so they can give their feedback. Thank you for taking your time for some feedback as well :)
OffLine Daniel Krippner
  2016-04-25 09:35:43    
Text definitely needs to be shrunk down to the current size on the new version, new graphs and loading times are great though
OffLine Endre Verden
  2016-04-25 19:52:56    
I'm so happy to see it's not just me. Everything is too big, so it's hard to get an easy overview, and one needs to scroll to much A lot of modern sites have gone this way, because of mobiles and pads. All those modern sites does not work well on a computer screen. It is really good to see that you are open for the feedback coming in. Keep up the good work.
OffLine Ivan Kuvacic
  2016-04-27 13:35:56    
I am having problems with login. I have recieved mail but site won't open
OffLine Tieme
  2016-04-29 10:25:30    
Our hosting provider had an outage.. This was fixed yesterday. Thanks Ivan. 
OffLine Evan Erickson
  2016-05-01 00:25:17    
why will you not let canadians and americans use YDS and V grade? such a pain in the ass if youre doing a trip to an area here to convert all the grades. Many ppl i know have switched to sendage in canada to be allowed to use the same grades in guides here
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2016-05-01 07:50:08    
V-grades have been possible for ten years on 8a while adding routes and we could make that possible also for watching the scorecard with the new system...great idea.
OffLine Endre Verden
  2016-05-06 17:49:01    
1 The trend show the current year, and not the last 12 months, which 8a is based around. I think it's a bug, however I like it as a additional feature. It's good to measure the year to date performance. But I also would like a "link" to see what routes make up the year to date score (see " 2 ") 2 There is no link to show the routes that make up the scores for "All Time Score" and "Current Score (the past 12 months)". 3 "Tried routes" does not shown in the scorecard. 4 The old pyramid "overview" is better than the new one.
OffLine Endre Verden
  2016-05-08 08:29:15    
5 The route names are not clickable, like the crags.
OffLine Tieme
  2016-05-20 21:32:16    
@Evan: Thanks, good points about different grading systems. Lets see if we can put that in once we start working on those kinds of data things (until now we did only presentational changes). @Endre. Thanks as well. Good points. The first one was on my list already but did not have any time to fix it ( 1 ). Will take a look at it next week. 2 is just not done yet. I have to check on 3, thanks. 4 is fixed now. 5  will be once there are route-detail-pages :).
OffLine Tieme
  2016-05-20 21:34:29    
I've just updated the beta site! https://beta.8a.nu  
Thank you all for your feedback on the initial release of the beta site.
We're very happy with all the feedback from the beta testers!
We took some time to incorporate the feedback before we will be shifting our focus
to implementing the search and adding of ascents. Most of the feedback
we received could be categorised into these parts:

“Can we get the pyramid graph back?”

Alright alright..., the pyramid graph is back ;)

“The new scorecard doesn’t offer a nice overview”

We’ve improved this by adding the last five ascents climbed by a user to the
first section of the scorecard. This way, visitors can get a quick indication
of what a climber has been up to lately. Secondly, we’ve added a mini version
of the bar chart to this section. Although the chart is not showing any numbers
it’s clear right away if a user climbed a lot in the selected period or not.
Finally, we’ve changed the order of the sections of the scorecard. We've put the big
table, with all the details of the user’s ascents, after the line chart and the bar chart.
This way the users get to see the line chart before diving into the ascent details.

“Everything is too big and clunky”

Is everything really to big or is this annoyance caused by the previous remark
about the lack of a good overview? We think it is a bit of both. In addition
to the points mentioned above, we decreased the size of the menu, some buttons
and the headers of the sections. We hope this helps a bit.

Please let us know what you think!
OffLine Endre Verden
  2016-05-21 10:50:10    
Thanks for the update. The part about being too big is still valid (for pads it might be good, for computers it's not good). Here is a picture showing that the new site takes more than double the space to show the same information. If it wasn't for me commenting a lot on the routes it might be 1/3 of the space. You can also see that the text is crisper(easier to read) on the old page. http://i.imgur.com/aqlO66b.png I think the "last 5 routes" and the mini pyramid is unnecessary, since that information is already on the same page (just too many scrolls away :P ) The "SHOW ROUTES FROM..." should be down with the routes section. Now one has to scroll up and down if one changes the setting to see a change.
OffLine Tieme
  2016-05-26 16:07:27    
> The trend show the current year, and not the last 12 months, which 8a is based around. Fixed. Thanks.  > The part about being too big is still valid (for pads it might be good, for computers it's not good). I'm not sure. You're right that less information fits the screen, but the question is if that is a problem. Let's see what other users think in the next few months. I'm going to leave these design details like this for now and focus more on new functionality for now (add routes, search, etc.). Lets continue this bigger / smaller discussion after we're really used it for a while. These things are not that hard to change later on.  > The "SHOW ROUTES FROM..." should be down with the routes section. Yeah that might be handier indeed. Thanks. 
OffLine Stefan Ge
  2019-01-31 11:16:30    
What happened to this project? Apparently beta.8a.nu is not working anymore? Is there still any plan to release the new webpage? Honestly, if you are already familiar with the current 8a.nu design, you may be fine, but it prevents a lot of potentially new members from signing up. It is very unfriendly for mobile devices, and far from obvious how to do certain things. It is 2019 and some design adaption would be much appreciated!
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2019-01-31 12:19:14    
Vertical-Life has been working hard with this for over a year. There has been some delays but it should be up shortly.
OffLine Alexander Mestler
  2019-02-01 03:28:23    
Will our ticklists be transferred over to the new version automatically?
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2019-02-01 07:57:08    
Yes that is the plan :)