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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Barbara Zangerl injured at Psicocomp Login in to contribute
Barbara Zangerl injured at Psicocomp
OffLine 8a.nu
  2017-08-02 00:00:00    
During the Psicocomp DWS in Salt Lake City, Barbara Zangerl took a a bad fall while jumping from the 17 meter wall. Although she got a stiff neck and some pain in my upper spine and later a strange feeling in her leg, she continued the DWS comp all the way to the semifinal.

- I pushed myself too hard away from the top during my first jump from the top of the wall. At the very end, just before I hit the water, I had a really bad body position. Under the water I knocked my head in between my knees and my whole spine got forward overstretched. This is the reason for 3 protrusions TH5-7 and my old back injury got inflamed again.

I can start with easy climbing soon! But I have to completely rest until I have no more dragging pain in my leg. I think 2 weeks and then I will start again.

What could be learnt from this? Always try to straighten out your legs and arms with maximum body tension as you hit the water?

Yes that's true all about body tension. Only at the very last second try to be straight with your whole body and don't hold your nose. If you try to be straight too early then it is easier to fall in a side, front or back way and lost the balance. Try to stay open and keep the balance with your arms first and short before you hit the water. Head down, arms on your body and stay stiff and straight with your whole body.

OffLine Martijn Pieterse
  2017-08-02 15:43:17    
What I learned? 1. Don't jump from 17 meters in water. 2. Stop climbing when in pain. (seriously!) 3. Don't act happy because you can do easy climbing again in 2 weeks because if you were not so careless you could be climbing HARD, as in right NOW! No intention to criticize Barbara's decisions or actions, just stating what I learned about this news. (Which definitely excludes anything related to learning how to land the perfect 17 meter jump in water.)
OffLine Vassilis Papadakis
  2017-08-02 20:20:27    
This thing is way way too dangerous. It's going to create more accidents
OffLine Thomas Maatz
  2017-08-03 09:10:07    
totaly agree with Martijn. 17 meters is way to high...