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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Adam Ondra onsights Just Do It 8c+ Login in to contribute
Adam Ondra onsights Just Do It 8c+
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-11-11 00:00:00    
Adam Ondra reports on Insta that he has onsighted the iconic Just Do it 8c+ at Smith Rocks. It was bolted in 1989 by Alan Watts and JB Tribout did the FA in 1992. The 40m line with 18 bolts starts almost vertical with technical climbing on whitish rock. The second half on near to purple rock is slightly overhanging with the crux at the top where many have taken 15 meters falls.

Adam has previously onsighted three 9a's, 19 8c+' and 61 8c's. No other climber has onsighted more than a dozen 8c and harder.
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OffLine Dani Puigdomènech
  2018-11-11 20:46:08    
Thanks for spoiling the onsight for the rest of us... LOL
OffLine Robert Kasper
  2018-11-11 21:27:13    
must be a dream to onsight such a legendary route.

and hats of to the performance. Please let there be a video
OffLine Sebastian Peace
  2018-11-11 22:05:44    
Here is a video but it's filmed from pretty far away and you can only see the top part of the route: Adam Ondra Onsighting “Just Do It” (reddit) (not filmed by me!)
OffLine Samuel Faulstich
  2018-11-11 23:11:27    
Love that video!
OffLine Robert Kasper
  2018-11-12 11:39:46    
Adam is such an animal!

Inspring to see such willpower and commitment.
OffLine Toby Butterfield
  2018-11-12 20:32:01    
There will be video. He has a 3 man film crew following him around and there are great vantages from the plateau above, so I expect it'll be darn good footage!

They were actually asking everyone not to film him so they could have the exclusive.
OffLine Sebastian Peace
  2018-11-13 01:50:41    
Nice to know Toby. I guess the filmers from reddit came after the announcement not to film. Even if not, the recording won't be a big competition for the film crew I guess.
OffLine Jason Crank
  2018-11-13 14:20:32    
Sebastian - the reality is all they can do is ask nicely and hope everyone is cool. Theres no way to really control content thats generated in the public sphere. To your point, shakey long distance cellphone footage is in no way going to cause people who were going to seekuy the premium footage to suddenly change their minds.
OffLine Jan V'
  2018-11-14 12:21:46    
@Jason Crank well I guess Sebastian counted on people being good mannered thus comply with film crew request.
OffLine pbla4024
  2018-11-14 12:53:55    
So your idea is to order strangers to do something and if they do not obey, they are not good mannered?
OffLine Sebastian Peace
  2018-11-14 14:43:26    
I would not film if Adam told me not to but of course I can't speak for everybody else.
OffLine Miha Pribosic
  2018-11-14 20:24:01    
I would not try Adam's project if he asked me not to.
OffLine louis de cornulier
  2018-11-19 09:43:24    
That's an interesting ethical question. Filming or not filming.

They can't forbid you to film, and they definitely can't enforce it. On the other hand, in no way should we prevent the professional camera crew from doing their job.

If I were to be present on the day of an exceptional ascent, I guess I couldn't resist the urge to keep some footage for myself. On the other hand, I would never make this footage public (I wouldn't be so bothered about a climbing competition).
I also believe, though, I'd be more interested in actually watching the climb than trying to capture low quality images that will do no justice to the actual feat.
OffLine louis de cornulier
  2018-11-19 09:48:54    
More on topic, this is an amazing performance! I can't wait to see more rad onsights, the greatest form of climbing!

Will I live to see an onsight of Gaia in the Peak District? I wish I could! What are the most spectacular onsights yet to be made?