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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Adam Ondra has done his Project Hard 9c? Login in to contribute
Adam Ondra has done his Project Hard 9c?
OffLine 8a.nu
  2017-09-03 00:00:00    
James Riley reports that Adam Ondra has done his Project Hard in Flatanger which Adam previously has say should be the world's first 9c. Apparently they also got in a video and it is about just some ten minutes climb in the specific Ondra speed style, beside taking very long rest in between the different cruxes.

"Basically it's a very unusual climb through a very big, very steep roof. Involving upside down Font 8C crack climbing, one legged bat hangs and lots of 3 dimensional wizardry. You'll see the video soon. Total length of route around 60 meters.

No confirmation on the grade yet, or the name. I guess that will come from Ondra in due course.
(c) Jan Novak

Five years ago, the 24 year old did the world's first 9b+ by Change in Flatanger. Later the Czech has done two more 9b+'s out of one has been repeated by Chris Sharma. In total, Adam has now done 20 routes 9b or harder and the runner up in this league is Sharma with eight.
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OffLine Rafa Cliiiiiimb .
  2017-09-03 19:57:23    
Huge congrats to Adam!!!
OffLine chad molino
  2017-09-03 23:01:43    
Well done Adam !
OnLine olmin
  2017-09-04 11:25:44    
Congratulations!!! .... but, the route stays with "Project Hard" as a name? a bit disappointed if is that so.
OffLine M .
  2017-09-04 13:04:08    
It's not a project anymore so I'm sure the name will change
OffLine Jan V'
  2017-09-06 12:53:46    
He's just great.

I am very surprised there is so few reactions here. Guy just pushed boundaries there, for god's sake ::)
OffLine Kenneth Rasmussen
  2017-09-06 13:04:40    
@Jan ... The reactions are in the comment section on https://www.instagram.com/p/BYlfSbsl9Hq/?taken-by=adam.ondra
and https://www.instagram.com/p/BYl2lwclPvY/?taken-by=adam.ondra
OffLine Jan V'
  2017-09-06 18:52:00    
It's ridiculous how Americans responded to the news when you look at supertopo forum. 9 messages so far. Hack, even thread about earthoworms have more messages there. I guess it tells something.

@Kenneth how is that reactinos from here display at instagram?
OffLine Steve
  2017-09-06 23:14:01    
"It's ridiculous how Americans responded to the news when you look at supertopo forum."

I think it might be more productive to complain right there...
OffLine Jan V'
  2017-09-07 10:17:02    
@Steve I am not complaining though, so there you are.
OffLine Steve
  2017-09-07 16:01:12    
Of course you are. What else is it supposed to be?
OffLine Kenneth Rasmussen
  2017-09-07 17:56:35    
@Jan V'

I thought you were talking about reactions in general. Not much to "discuss" here I guess, but a lot of reactions and congratulations going on on instagram, which is the only direct source to comment or congratulate Adam.
OffLine Jan V'
  2017-09-08 19:00:02    
@Steve notion.