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Forum: GLOBAL / News / Action Directe by Jan Hojer (18) Login in to contribute
Action Directe by Jan Hojer (18)
OffLine 8a.nu
  2010-05-22 00:00:00    
Jan Hojer has after 10 days of work done Action Directe, 9a in Frankenjura. In 2008, the 18-year-old won the youth world champion and last year he was #22 in the WC.
OffLine Lukas Biniossek
  2010-05-22 23:04:12    
glaubste jan hojer könnte...?
(no world chip for jan yet - get your facts right!)
OffLine Jan Hojer
  2010-05-23 06:35:22    
i don't think i've ever been youth world champion.......^^
OffLine Jens Larssen
  2010-05-23 08:50:40    
Strange, on the IFC page it says that Jan Hojer won the World champion ship in Australia 2008.
OffLine Matthew Redyns
  2010-05-23 15:10:51    
Jan, if the internet says you were the champ, you were the champ.  don't question the internet, or it will track you down and force you to face up to it's reality, and you may not like the means by which it will make you comply.    By the way, nice send world champ.  Jen's keep up the Pulitzer level reporting!
OffLine Herman
  2010-05-23 21:47:24    
Hmm, there are 19 world champions in that year...
OffLine Tom Thudium
  2010-05-24 18:29:30    
wow nice sent wasn't it already really hot? Concrats!!!!! Í want too (when I get strong and tall)
OffLine Alexander Förschler
  2010-05-25 09:54:35    
Sehr fett! Gratulation!!!
OffLine ian Dunn
  2010-05-25 21:08:59    
How many ascents has Action Direct had now? must still be less than 15. considered when it was first climbed thats amazing. Mind you Hubble has still had less than 10 Have standards moved on or are modern climbers just fitter?  Are the really hard moves on these routes are still close to cutting edge even now?
OffLine Jan Skriwanek
  2010-05-25 23:48:11    
Super Jan, ich habs ja gewusst, mist mein Händi war aus sonst wär ich vorbeigekommen... Unglaublich, aber jetzt erst mal ein paar Bier am Königsdorfer Marktplatz und ne Pizza Salami zur Feier des Tages!  Grüße vom d..... Jan
OffLine Lukas Biniossek
  2010-05-27 15:43:14