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A Muerte 9a by Jan Hojer
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-01-09 00:00:00    
Jan Hojer, #3 in the Combined WCH in Innsbruck, has done his second 9a route, A Muerte in Siurana. His first was Action Directe in 2010. Jan is the biggest world class climber out there, 186 cm tall and 78 kg.

"My only goal for the 2019 season is to qualify for the Olympics. If I qualify at the world championship I will spend a lot of time on rock afterwards! Right now I just want to enjoy some rock before the season starts and climb a bunch of nice routes here in Spain."

How many World Cups do you plan to do this year?
As many as I need to qualify for Toulouse. (The qualification event for the ones not getting their ticket in the WCH). If I have great results in Meiringen and Moscow I will not go to China.

How much Speed focus in your training?
I try to train speed once a week but haven’t done any leg training. I think with better coordination and technique I can still improve a lot. I hope to get to 6.7 until the world championship.
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OnLine Henning Wang
  2019-01-09 10:38:59    
He also claims to have done a 9b route last year, is that not relevant information here? Are you saying that does not count?
OffLine pbla4024
  2019-01-09 14:31:38    
It does not count as an 9a :-)
OffLine Martin G
  2019-01-09 19:05:32    
as jernej said about es pontas "...the grade is symbolic"
OffLine Giuliano Cameroni
  2019-01-10 18:08:36    
Gabri Moroni did it too ..
OffLine Rohan89 na
  2019-01-11 11:21:01