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Forum: GLOBAL / News / 9b FA by Adam Ondra in Arco Login in to contribute
9b FA by Adam Ondra in Arco
OffLine 8a.nu
  2017-11-14 00:00:00    
Adam Ondra publishes on his Instagram a new FA in Arco, One Slap 9b. First he climbed Stefano Ghisolfi's One Punch (9a+ suggested by him and more in the 9a+/9b range for Ondra) and then he added with local Mauro Mabboni one more bolt to make a harder route.

"After a while, I got to experience the moment when conditions are perfect, my mind is fully aware of it, that influence my state of mind, I climb free and confident, and I have the feeling of ease, flow and joy.
First, I ticked off One Punch in Arco, a great first ascent from @steghiso. He gave it 9a+, but 9a+/b is probably closer to reality. It took me a few days over the last months.
Then we added one more bolt and I made a first ascent of a harder start, calling it One Slap 9b. What a day!"
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OffLine Mikke Jenson
  2017-11-14 21:30:09    
OffLine Andreas Jakwerth
  2017-11-15 16:09:38    
How old exactly are you, Mikke?
So he climbed a hard 9a+ and a 9b in one day? Did I read his comment right? Insane...
OffLine Mikke Jenson
  2017-11-15 17:37:17    
I am an old man (and fat too). I updated my profile so that you don't have to ask.

Apparently I am old and fat enough to have my comment deleted by Jens. I guess deleting it is easier than explaining why he doesn't criticize Adam for using slash grades.
OffLine Christian Mengel
  2017-11-15 22:42:27    
:D :D I was wondering the same thing Mikke :D :D
OffLine zapfenwolfi
  2017-11-19 15:36:15    
te info about the route here above seem somwhat missleading - better description:

9b One Slap Arco / Laghel 2017-11-13 Amazing link up of Queen Line into the One Punch with spicy moves in between Adam Ondra