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Forum: GLOBAL / News / 9a+ FA in Flatanger and two 8b+ (c) onsights Login in to contribute
9a+ FA in Flatanger and two 8b+ (c) onsights
OffLine 8a.nu
  2016-06-22 00:00:00    
Adam Ondra is back in Flatanger where he has made yet another great FA, 120 degrees 9a+. "Absolutely crazy inverted roof boulderproblem after having done the first part of Elden Inuti."

In fact, Flatanger is the crag in the world with most hard routes and Adam has been one of the pioneers having put up six routes in between 9a+ and 9b+. During the last week, Adam has also onsighted two 8b+' and one 8a+ and that is measured by his personal grades. (c) Erik Massih - It never gets darker than this during the night in Flatanger.
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OffLine Christian Mengel
  2016-06-22 21:41:33    
Isn´t that still Oliana? La Dura Dura Sharma Project Chaxi Raxi Papichulo Pachamama Power Inverter Fight or Flight Joemama Just asking out of curiosity...
OffLine Pascal Heger
  2016-06-23 02:07:55    
Number of routes in the 9th grade(french): Frankenjura: 32 Santa Linya: 22 Margalef: 19 Flatanger: 11 Oliana: 10 Baltzola / Rodellar / Siurana: 9 I might be a few off here and there, but gives you some idea.
OffLine Christian Stohr
  2016-06-23 08:06:46    
Pascal: Frankenjura is kind of the odd one in that list, it covers a way bigger area and technically consists of a lot of small crags. 
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2016-06-23 09:26:53    
If you measure 9a+, Flatanger is #1.
OffLine Al Arud Arud
  2016-06-23 10:31:34    
If you measure 9b beginning with "F", Oliana and Margalef are sharing #1.
OffLine Nordlicht
  2016-06-23 10:33:32    
Great! Hahaha!
OffLine Robert Kasper
  2016-06-23 18:39:17    
no you are wrong. If you only count routes named Change, then flatanger is still n1. sorry
OffLine Sune Hermit
  2016-06-24 11:04:53    
"It never gets darker than this during the night in Flatanger." ... during midsummer.

In winter I am absolutely certain it gets REAL dark up there.