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Forum: GLOBAL / News / 9a+ and 8C FA's by Adam Ondra (18) Login in to contribute
9a+ and 8C FA's by Adam Ondra (18)
OffLine 8a.nu
  2011-09-08 00:00:00    
Adam Ondra has opened Perlorodka 9a+ and Pata ledovce 8C in Holstejn. The 18 year old who in the world championship was #3 in Lead and #2 in Boulder is #1 in both the 8a Route and Boulder ranking game. "Possibly the route I spent the most time on, but once you are at your home crag, you don't bother with the tries even when you are tired. 8a + no-hand rest + 7C boulder + rest + 8B+ boulder (12 moves) + 7B+ mantle onto the ledge". (c) Petr Pavlièek "A boulderproblem at the bottom of the crag, ends up at the first bolt of the route, but climbs very well."
OffLine jul .
  2011-09-08 11:36:15    
Eres un makina!! buaa
OffLine Mario Spent
  2011-09-09 10:55:38    

It could be one from many "ordinary" 9a+ routes or
more probably it is one from the hardest routest on the world. Adam told that
could be 9b. Number are nothing without repetition :)
OffLine Petr Pavlicek
  2011-09-09 13:23:28    
He was very convinced it was 9b long time... But one day in November he realized, that he can maybe reach really very distant hold (see the picture) very high on the right. Otherwise the original boulder in the upper part of the route continued more left, definitely 8C itself.  But at last Adam he could reach this "hold" and he was very disappointed and a bit sad that day.. Oh no... 9a+ , he said... :-D The same as with Tanec kuratek route, where he found incredible new acrobatic beta and from 9b project was 9a. But since he is tall and very flexible, for almost everybody else it will be much harder, many people are very curious, when someone comes to try to repeat one of Adams home 9a´s...