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Forum: GLOBAL / News / 8B FA by Oriane Bertone (13) Login in to contribute
8B FA by Oriane Bertone (13)
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-11-23 00:00:00    
Oriane Bertone, who previously has done three 8B's and harder, has done the FA of Le spartiate direct assis in Ravine du Trou. The 13 year old is #2 in the ranking game.
OffLine Sebastian Peace
  2018-11-23 21:38:04    
The Bertone dream team strikes again! Great job as always Oriane. By the way, this is your sister, right? I just found her while looking at the ranking game. Family Bertone, I am officially a fan now! ;) I hope you all have a great climbing future and I am glad you share so much of it. Also big respect to your dad for supporting you so much.
OffLine Oriane Bertone (f)
  2018-11-24 04:22:14    
Yes, she is my twin sister (she is 1m75 and I am 1m55) :-)
Max is my brother and he is on 8anu too.
Thank you very much for your cool message :-) ! I am very happy for this ascent because a lot of climbers were trying it and there was a little challenge on this project. So I did not believe it when I was at the top of the boulder !!
OffLine Philippe Beytrison
  2018-11-24 16:29:05    
En regardant la vidéo, il semble qu'il y ait des traits de magn tout au fond; une autre ligne? Bravo pour la croix!
OffLine Oriane Bertone (f)
  2018-11-25 06:39:57    
Oui, c'est un projet avec un départ plus profond. Mais c'est quasiment infaisable. A la vidéo on a l'impression que les prises sont bonnes, mais en fait c'est vraiment super dur de décoller avec. Et après il reste le 8B à faire !
OffLine Philippe Beytrison
  2018-11-25 08:35:41