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Forum: GLOBAL / News / 8b and 8a+ by Cathy Wagner (53) Login in to contribute
8b and 8a+ by Cathy Wagner (53)
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-05-24 00:00:00    
Cathy Wagner, who did her first 8a in 1994, has done her 8a+ #155, Da Lineking in Rodellar. "Sooo happy! Fell at the last move on my first go 2 weeks ago totally pumped and today, despite the wobbly warm-up, I felt steady. IMO, the right knee-bar in the middle of the 3rd part of Maskoking makes the route easier, so I'd say a soft 8a+."

The 53 year old teacher did her first 8b in 2001 and yesterday she did her 17, Viens voir mon p'tit jésus in Drôme. Interesting is that she has never started off a year as good as in 2019! If Cathy would have taken part in the ranking game, she would have been #2 in the Age & Gender ranking game, after Adam Ondra.
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OffLine bomberone
  2019-05-24 12:45:25    
Please, Jens. Please! ...
OnLine rai
  2019-05-24 14:29:53    
What’s the secret? Being a teacher improves your climbing...?
OnLine Jo Scha
  2019-05-24 22:40:49    
OffLine Robert Kasper
  2019-05-25 08:58:57    
Wake me up when she does 8c
OffLine chad molino
  2019-05-25 16:29:10    
No.. It's because being a teacher is not really a full time job. Most of the time you are on holidays, or on strike either.
OffLine Cathy Wagner (f)
  2019-05-26 07:28:58    
And we can see the result of all this on the molino:a lack of education due to his former teachers.
OffLine Sebastian Peace
  2019-05-26 08:24:12    
I have to agree with Cathy. Teachers have a very hard job, most of their work starts after work and on holiday they also have to prepare for the next year. (My mother is a teacher and I don't envy her despite the relative long holidays) Fuck those toxic comments, keep climbing strong Cathy!!!!
OnLine rai
  2019-05-26 09:26:41    
My comment has noting against Cathy, which has my full respect and admiration. I was just kidding with Jens. Anyways being a teacher gives you certainly much time to go climbing outside than being a manager in a real estate business, with business travel and much time in the office + meetings and finishing off late...
OffLine Henrik af Petersens
  2019-05-26 12:48:47    
Great work and unlike others on this forum I don't get bored but inspired by your accomplishments! As for the commenters on this thread... I guess they say enough of themselves with their own words.
OffLine GeAD
  2019-05-26 20:10:05    
i agree with you rai - definitely.
got some friends who are teachers, they go climbing when others are at work, plus on Weekends etc.
but still i feel grateful to them (if they also are!!! good teachers for the Kids entrusted to them of course...) because some of them are drilling the routes i climb :-D
addressed to Cathy: congrats and respect!!!
OffLine max dozoretz
  2019-05-26 20:37:57    
so would you say we have another late bloomer on our hands Jens?
OffLine max dozoretz
  2019-05-26 20:38:26    
so would you say we have another late bloomer on our hands Jens?
OffLine Tj Ovesen
  2019-05-27 03:11:30    
Keep crushing Cathy. Your ticklist this year is one of the most impressive out there. How do you do it ? And how do you stay injury free ?
OffLine chad molino
  2019-05-28 16:27:06    
Stop the pollutions with climbers cars
OffLine Kris
  2019-05-28 20:13:29    
Would you say the 8a-8b grades in Rodellar are comparable to that range in Maple Canyon?
OffLine Cathy Wagner (f)
  2019-05-28 20:47:35    
Hi Kris,
I haven't got a clue as I've never climbed in North-America!

As for the so-called C. Molino, here's some advice:
STOP clicking on the web cause each time you do so you both endanger planet earth and pollute forums with your toxic bullshit comments.
OffLine Mark Nauser
  2019-05-29 08:05:31    
Cathy, never mind the naysayers, it's great to read about ascents from normal people. Presuming you are normal, of course :)

How many times have you been in Oltrefinale?