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4 know-how things for shoes
OffLine 8a.nu
  2017-07-29 00:00:00    
OffLine Emanuele Pellizzari
  2017-08-01 07:29:54    
For Clarity (minor details):
-Midsole has nothing to do with thickness and the lenght of the sole. The combination of the two, and their hardness and lenght, gives the overall sensitivity. Midsole is in between the sole and the upper.
- the composition of the main material for uppers, is actually written in the white label inside the shoes and it features icons that are the same globally.
- There are 4 different technologies in synthetic uppers. The most used by all, except 5.10, is Microfiber. 5,10, on the Pinkies, they use a different tech than microfiber. It's a synthetic mesh on which they blown plastic dust and then they line it inside with cotton. Very different in behaviour than microfiber.
- smearing capability is given by a lot of factors, with rubber thickness may be the less important. It is actually the combo midsole with rubber hardness (shore,  that makes the difference).

Good job anyway.