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Forum: GLOBAL / News / 4th 8C+ FA by Daniel Woods Login in to contribute
4th 8C+ FA by Daniel Woods
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-10-31 00:00:00    
Daniel Woods reports on Insta, with many great pics by James Lucas, that he has done the FA of his 4th 8C+, Box Therapy in RMNP up at 3 169 m elevation after 146 km hiking during his seven projecting days!

As can be seen on the picture, there were plenty of snow and projecting also involved rapping in and shoveling away snow and ice on the top out. Some of the days he worked it it was 1 degree and windy conditions. "18 moves out a 50 degree roof, micro holds that make your pulleys feel like they are gonna pop after every attempt." More on Rock and Ice

The 29 year old has been one of the leading boulderers since he was 16 years old and in practice, he has the most impressive bouldering tick list out there. In 2010, he won the Bouldering WC in Vail and this year he did his first 9b.
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OffLine Zane Witner
  2018-10-31 21:47:07    
Psyched he put this one down before it injured him. Sick!
OffLine Christian Mengel
  2018-11-03 08:09:14    
It´s an albeit implicit but still pretty non complementing statement on the climbing community that more people choose to discuss the past behavior of Joe Kinder rather than compliment Daniel Woods on what could be the second hardest boulder in the world. It´s a shame that Burden and Box are so remote for both possible contenders but it'd be cool to see Woods give honest efforts on Burden and Nalle on Box.

Motivated, going climbing now!
OffLine Benjamin Herrera
  2018-11-03 11:31:13    
Watching the snippets of Box Woods posted on his instagram it is really hard to imagine that Burden of dreams or in fact any Boulder possible to climb could be a complete grade harder. Maybe Daniel should stop sandbagging and go for 9A ;)
OffLine Opi Brey
  2018-11-03 14:59:01    
The only time that i have seen daniel trying an 8c+ that ins't his own boulder was Giogia, and he can't even do the single moves....
OffLine Opi Brey
  2018-11-03 14:59:02    
OffLine Scott K
  2018-11-04 01:09:13    
LOL Opi you are calling out literally the last person on earth who you should be when it comes to hard bouldering.
OffLine Jan V'
  2018-11-04 11:13:42    
@Opi Brey do you mean Gioia?
OffLine Jan V'
  2018-11-04 11:22:52    
@Scott K If Opi Brey is calling out Daniel Woods and it's bothering you, what are you doing? You are stating Daniel Woods is undoubtedly best boulderer out there. That's really strong statement.

Opi Brey didn't call Daniel out anyway.
OffLine Scott K
  2018-11-04 16:10:10    
The topic of the thread is reporting Daniel's latest FA. He clearly IS calling Woods out in that he doesn't have any congratulations but is instead pointing out an apparent failure that is totally unrelated to the content of this thread.
OffLine Jan V'
  2018-11-05 12:48:14    
@Scott K exactly, he's pointing out Daniel couldn't do Gioia. So he isn't calling Daniel out. That's two different things, right? I can understand lack of congratulation is bothering you, but that's still not calling Daniel out though.

On the other hand - I can't see any self-reflection of yours...very critic to the others, lacking critics towards yourself?
OffLine Daniel Woods
  2018-11-05 18:59:14    
@Opi Brey Dont recall sessioning Gioia with you as I was with only my friends at that bloc. On another note I did climb Gioia from 2 moves in to the top then was shut down by weather, so to say that I did not do a single move is false. Maybe you were just passing by and saw me fail (which happens) so I get why you would think that I didn't do anything on the bloc. There is a knee scum that bypasses the original crux anyway, so I feel like the grade of this one is gonna change. I am stoked to go back and finish it next year. climb strong out there