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The Game 8C by Ryuichi Murai
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-05-13 00:00:00    
Ryuichi Murai reports on Insta that he had done The Game in Boulder Canyon which was his tenth 8C.

"I’m so happy to send Daniel’s masterpiece ! It took 2 days to send. First day, this boulder was bad condition due to rain and snow. I could do compression moves of upper part on the day, but bottom part (from start holds to 3rd hold) was so wet, and I couldn’t do.

Second day, this boulder was better condition and I managed to climb it in the evening. When I touched this boulder at the first time, I was certain that I can climb because I’m good at roof climbing and compression moves. So I could do quick ascent though it's a hard problem."
(c) Oda Momo
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OffLine nschenks87
  2019-05-13 19:51:56    
Two-day send of a V15 is insanely impressive--especially considering it has was considered a hard V15 by those who have sent it, including Daniel Woods (who originally graded it V16, though with a different, perhaps harder, sequence) and Jimmy Webb. How many other V15's have been sent in one or two sessions? Can't be many.
OffLine kylemfspurgeon
  2019-05-13 20:52:22    
Clearly 3 != 2, but just scanning through Jimmy and Daniels score card, La Pied a Coulisse, A Story of Two Worlds, Wheel of Wolvo, Practice of the Wild, Pirate's Code... etc were all done in three. And that's just the small number of boulders they put timestamps on. I think that 8C in a few (yes, even two) sessions is becoming fairly standard for these guys, even if it isn't out there as much.

Not to take away from this send of course. The Game in two sessions is insane.
OffLine Isaac Gillman
  2019-05-17 05:20:21    
@nschenks87 I seem to remember Alex Megos sending Monkey Wedding in about 30 minutes. Also Jakob Shubert flashed Catalan Witness the Fitness but he did downgrade it to 8b+.