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what bouldering grade would you give everest:)?

after bouldering in india for some time i went for some trekking in nepal.. i have no qlue about mountaineering..  but since i was in the himalaya i read alot  of mountaineering books, and followd some of the crazyness on everest.. and i cant really get why people risk there life to climb (walk) this thing.. the 1950 eks. to annapurna is something i can understand, same with 1970 southface..  first to climb everest i understand, and renholds no 02 etc..  this is hard shit, and something i can understand that someone would take the gamble.. but climbing everest now...  how hard is it really? if someone can do something with no prior knowledge about what they are doing..  if a 13 year old can do it..  if someone over 70 years old can do it..  is it really something to risk ones life over now?     and to my philosifical question..  what bouldering grade would everest have?   its harder to boulder in the rain, as everest is hard to climb in bad wether..ergo i¨m talking about the perfect conditions.. everest have been done, as i wrote by people with no climbing experiense..  and god knows who else..  what bouldering grade can be gone with no climbing experiense what so ever.yeah..  and i guess is a onsight..heh. its even been done by a dude with one leg...    i would not say everest is no more then 7A...  and is this worth risking our life over?  idees?
i think you don't agree with what became Everest summit is too commercial....soon gondola/lifts will be installed....ok...hopefully not, but actual situation is not far away from this scenario.... on the other hand all people without experience which climbed....they didn't do an good alpinist...they were carry their team...with O2 tubes and all is like somebody pushed the chair in hospital with a sick men sitting in and connected to O2...:( from my point of view the worst think is that they claim the summit from egual position like someone who really climbed on his own..
I would agree with Babeluba that summiting Mount Everest would be equivalent difficulty as to to a 7A boulder, if you are using sherpas, oxygen and fixed ropes etc. If you do it by yourself without oxygen I would call it an 8A.
would that be a swiss 7A or fontainebleau 7A?
This is the biggest pile of crap I have ever read.
 Who shit in your cereal this morning Nicoli? Humorous idea.
I think the only fair grade to give it would be an Aid Climbing grade ( wiki ) - something like C4+ because of the fall potential.
I'd think a grade of 5Aa would be more correct because the number of moves.
  What about the first ONSIGHT SIT STAR to the EVEREST? check it here:
heh..  yeah..  sitstart to everest would be taking it to the next level:)  with the o2 gear and down mits it would make some epic moves..  but on a little more serious note there is actually some really grate boulders up there..  i left my shooes in kathmandu, and climbing in northface trekking shooes proved a frustrating ordeal..  but i would be awsome to see BigUp take a strong team up there and tear it up..  would make for some amasing footage.. 
You really need to look at the amount of training necessary to climb Everest. A reasonably fit individual could probably train for 6 months and then do the climb with fixed ropes, O2 etc.. How hard can you usually boulder after 6 months of training? 6A, 6B? Maybe even 6C if you are extremely talented. So that would be the appropriate grade. Obviously it would require much more preparation to do a hard route on Everest without supplemental oxygen. Probably about 10 years of hard training plus some talent for acclimatisation, so that would translate to 7C or 8A. There you have it: the time/grade comparison can be used on all important aspects of life.
:-) However, I guess it would take more than 6 months to do all preparation needed. I think that everybody who has been on Everest has done at least a 6 000 meter peak before. It would be impossible to take any random guy and within 6 months he would be a the top of Everest. I would guess, at least 18 months preparation is needed and therefore I suggest 7A. :-)
come on marc, this topic is just plain tongue-in-cheek humour. not to be taken seriously and nobody does. about fixed ropes: everybody uses them. everybody. be it a top class mountaineer like viesturs or a tourist of any kind. the extra oxygene bottles are a different issue. I´m against huge tourist masses on every possible place though. of course. but then again: how about fixed ropes end oxygene bottles on boulders??? propably carrying extra weight might even push the grades to and beyond the great unknown slash slash land... :) and: what mountaineering grade would jade get??? ok... too much free time. apology.
Dear Marc Germani, "Ok, enough!!! it's time to stop this shit!! anybody with half a brain knows that this thread is meant to be a joke!!! wake up you overzealous prick !!!!! you are pathetic." See what I did there? Relax. You come off like a giant asshole, which I'm sure you're not. So take it easy on the internet big guy. Sincerely, Tye.
one thing though, if everybody is using fixed ropes, who is then fixing the ropes? The great elfs of Everest, or did they come with the mountain?
The funny thing, there is a boulder-type section of Everest.  The top of the 2nd step, which is nearly always part of the ascent along the NW ridge.  As a pure boulder, I don't think it's all that hard.  But it's at 28,140 feet above sea level.  Wind and weather can be extreme.  And the exposure is ultimate: if you fall you don't stop for around 10,000 feet or so. A long-running Everest debate is whether the original pioneers there -- Mallory and Irvine -- could have climbed that step.  Anker did it - sort of - first time in a few seconds, and gave it a route grade of 5.8, which he later upped to 5.10.  Sometime in the 1970s (I believe it was then), a Chinese team installed a ladder there, which all climbers who took that route besides Anker (that I know of) have used.