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Survey Master's Thesis: Climbers and the Environment
OffLine Lulu Deubzer
  2019-03-18 12:44:20    
fellow climbers, I am currently writing my Master's Thesis about the relationship we
climbers have with the environment. By taking 15 minutes of your time to
participate in my survey you could help my research tremendously!

Since I can't conduct a probability sampling for my Thesis, I am
relying on this survey being shared widely and in many different
communities and answered by people with various backgrounds and

I think the results could potentially be very interesting for us as a
climbing community and I would be happy to keep you updated if you

Here is the link to the survey : https://survey.webcenter.ch/limesurvey2018/index.php/641418?lang=en

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate! Thanks a lot for your support and enjoy the climbing! Luisa

OnLine Christian Hey
  2019-03-20 14:54:39    
good luck!
OffLine Lulu Deubzer
  2019-03-20 17:12:51    
Cheers! Also for participating :)