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Forum: GLOBAL / Open Forum / How to get a more resistant skin? Login in to contribute
How to get a more resistant skin?
OffLine dreamingof8a
  2017-11-06 15:25:32    
Hi everybody, I have quite some problems with the skin of my fingertips .... I just went climbing at Claret for a week, and already after two days of not even overly hard projecting my fingertips were gone and I needed a rest day before I actually had really tired muscles. This usually happens, that my skin wears a lot faster than I get fatigued during climbing trips. Even here in Frankenjura, after two days in a row, my skin is usually in really bad shape .... It's not so much losing chunks of skin but rather like shown below. The fingertips get so sensitive so quickly that I really can't pull any holds anymore without bad pain. So it's not callus that creates issues but actually rather the lack thereof ....

I usually use ClimbOn every night after climbing; no idea if it helps tho. Do you have any hand products that you find to help with soft skin?

What about Antihydral which is supposed to make your skin dry?

OffLine David van Bragt
  2017-11-07 00:24:26    
What works for me is taping the fingertips when warming up and when figuring out the moves of the project. This saves your skin for the redpoint burns. Sport tape gives you slightly less friction than your skin, so you have to climb more precise when warming up (which is good). Affer a while you get really good at it! Your project also feels easier when you do it (in the end) without taped fingertips. After climbing or when taking a large break: moisturize your skin for rehydration. Maybe the pros have some suggestions as well? Hope it helps anyway!
OffLine dreamingof8a
  2017-11-07 09:18:03    
Interesting approach ... not sure if I like it for myself but something to think about.
OffLine Christophe Paquot
  2017-11-07 18:30:32    
I have a very soft skin and sweaty too. I use antihydral for the tips a couple of nights before climbing once a week or every other week depending on how much/hard I climb.

Using any kind of lotion makes it even softer and it'll peel easily. So I try not to use any. But after a rough bouldering session, I'll use a bunch and try to make it "hard/dry" again with rubbing alcohol or Dry solution from Rhino the morning of climbing.

Taping for warmups or to work the moves would be awesome if taping fingers didn't take that long...
OffLine ®ents
  2017-11-08 01:38:19    
Urinate on them...
OffLine dreamingof8a
  2017-11-13 15:50:17    
"I use antihydral for the tips a couple of nights before climbing once a week"

So does that mean that if you let's say go climbing on Wednesday, you will use Antihydral Sun,Mon,Tue? Or Only once for example Monday?

And what does it actually do to your skin? Does it simply reduce the amount of sweating, or does the skin actually get harder/tougher?
OffLine Christophe Paquot
  2017-11-14 01:36:08    
If I climb Wednesday, I would put it on overnight Monday night. Sometimes I would even do it Sunday night and Monday night. But only if I want really thicker skin I guess. But I don't remember doing it more than once ever.

It reduces sweating completely and the skin gets a bit harder, but not much.
OffLine dreamingof8a
  2017-11-19 15:48:37    
@Christophe: thanks again. I got myself some Antihydral and used it two nights last week. the results were quite good I think, the skin on my fingertips felt (and feels) quite solid/tough, and two bouldering sessions went well. Although I really need to wait and see what it's like when I get back on real rock which wears my skin down a lot faster than plastic.
however, two days ago (about three days after the last application of antihydral) I noticed that my fingertips were extremely smooth, almost like polished. I'm even having a hard time flicking thorugh books because the pages dont stick to my fingers ... went to the gym yesterday and the feelig on the holds was aweful, as if there was no friction at all. It took me a few routes to get used to it. In the end I didn't notice it anymore while climbing, but they still are really smooth. Not sure if it actually had a negative impact on the friction between the fingers and the holds, but it surely felt so.

So I was wondering if you have experienced a similar thing? Is this due to the lack of sweat (although moistening the tips doesn't really help)?
OffLine Christophe Paquot
  2017-11-19 23:48:28    
When that happens, just file your fingertips with a sandpaper. It'll go away. I don't have that problem with my skin.