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Forum: GLOBAL / Open Forum / Finale Ligure, OltreFinale and Albenga - Accommodation and Climbers' Community? Login in to contribute
Finale Ligure, OltreFinale and Albenga - Accommodation and Climbers' Community?
OnLine Endre Verden
  2019-02-17 13:54:34    
Is there any climbers accommodation and climbers community in and around Finale Ligure, OltreFinale and Albenga?

Or is it more spread out, and we're better off, by just doing airbnb and stay for ourselves?

We're looking at a 2-3 weeks stay in the area. Our initial thought is
to mainly stay in Finale Ligure. Is that recommended or should we aim
to keep closer to either OltreFinale or Albenga?

Any other tips or recommendations for the area?
OffLine Federico Rimembrana
  2019-02-18 08:55:44    
I'm from Genova but almost every weekend I climb in Finale/Albenga, I know very well the areas.

If you have never been to Finale it deserves a visit, climbing style is quite unique with tons of routes between 6a and 7b. For harder grades you can however find some gems, in any case ask me without any problem.

For staying in Finale i think the better place can be the BaseCamp camping in Monte Cucco, really close to the crags (http://www.basecampcucco.com/en/).

OltreFinale/Albenga has a more "common" style (which I personally prefer), phisical routes, endurance, tufas and very sustained overhangs. I advise it from 7a upwards (for the most beautiful crags).
In here you can refer to CprFreeSport shop (http://cprfreesport.com/).

For staying there are some B&B like this one, which I personally know (http://www.arvecastelbianco.it/en/) and even some areas where you can eventually stay with a van .

Don't hesitate to contact me for any further info.
Have a nice holiday!
OnLine Endre Verden
  2019-02-18 22:36:12    
Thanks for all the info, and that sounds amazing.

Plane tickets were booked yesterday! :D
OffLine pbla4024
  2019-02-19 09:26:05    
The cliffs in France just next to the border are quite good as well. It's maybe 80 km from Finale to France.