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Forum: GLOBAL / Open Forum / Bouldering dvds in new york? Login in to contribute
Bouldering dvds in new york?
OffLine Louise L
  2005-06-12 11:16:44    
Im goin to NewYork 21/6, were can I find cool bouldering dvds? Ive watched the ones I have about 40 times each so now I need some new source of inspiration!

Please...! :-)
OffLine Jake Wisse
  2005-12-04 19:35:41    
I just got the new Dosage Vol. 3 video from BigUP in the mail a couple weeks ago, and it is by far my favorite dvd so far. Great editing and soundtrack, it's sure to get you psyched. Favorite parts were Dave Graham in Switzerland and Sharma in the Ozarks. As for where to get it, don't know what shops have it stocked, but I ordered mine @ the BigUP website -----> BigUP Productions
OffLine James Shuford
  2007-03-05 22:56:39    
If you're going to the Gunks, check out Rock & Snow. They've got about 30 different titles to choose from. Or check out rocksnow.com, they have them all online too.
OffLine User Deactivated
  2007-03-06 15:00:27    
2 years dude, 2 years.  check the date.