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Forum: GLOBAL / Open Forum / Auer, Lama, and Rosskelley likely killed in Avalanche Login in to contribute
Auer, Lama, and Rosskelley likely killed in Avalanche
OnLine Jason Crank
  2019-04-22 18:54:23    
Are we going to talk about this?  Parks Canada confirms that they have recovered the bodies of the 3 climbers lost to the avalanche.  David Lama was a competition superstar before heading to the mountains, Hansjorg Auer had probably the most impressive free solo up until the El Cap solo (and with much much less preparation!), and Rosskelley was the youngest American to summit Everest at the time.
OffLine Franz
  2019-04-22 22:18:54    
Jens, please, you cannot ignore the death of David Lama, Hansjörg Auer and Jess Roskelley.
Report it!
Sure, 8a is not a site about alpinism, but David Lama was a world class competition sport climber and boulderer as well.
OffLine Steve
  2019-04-22 23:11:25    

It was a real shock to read about it!
OffLine Christian Hey
  2019-04-23 00:22:09    
OffLine Federico Trespiernas
  2019-04-23 16:10:26    
OffLine WG 60
  2019-04-25 09:45:58    
Austria's finest and best Alpinists died :-(. So sad - but at least they died whilst doing what they loved most.
OnLine Arnoud Prinz
  2019-04-25 10:37:11    
Old WC winner is died…..and no attention. How poor is this website.
RIP David, Hansjorg and Jess.
OnLine Thomas Bach
  2019-04-25 11:27:36    
Arnoud Prinz: I know. Its a shame. The lack of response just goes to show what a joke a big part of climbing has become. This is very sad. RIP guys
OffLine WG 60
  2019-04-25 19:25:02    
on Babsi Zangerl Insta account you'll find a very moving memory about her partnership with Hansjörg Auer...
OnLine Thomas Z.
  2019-04-27 11:51:36    
It's really a shame! But understand that there are reports that are more important just like this shit: