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Olympic qualifying prediction
OffLine 8a.nu
  2018-09-27 00:00:00    
The Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires begins in two weeks and in less then six months the qualification for Tokyo begins. The count down have started and it is time to start training Speed seriously. Here is a prediction of 16 out of the male 20 that will make the cut.

Narasaki, Harada, Schubert, Megos, Hojer, Ghisolfi, Schenk, Chon, M Mawem, Cornu, Kruder, Skofic, Lehmann, Ondra, Rubtsov and Bosi.

What makes it interesting is that the max quota of two per country and with some few countries dominating, this actually opens up for lower ranked climbers, some who have not yet tried Speed and some youngsters that can get good progress during the last year. This is why four spots were left open.
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OffLine Bojan
  2018-09-28 09:25:45    
Jens 1.0: "It's counter-productive to train speed seriously before 2020"
Jens 2.0: "The count down have started and it is time to start training Speed seriously."
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2018-09-28 09:53:51    
IFSC has changed the rules for the Combined World Cup which means it is more important to train Speed.

Your Combined ranking 2019 will be based on the multiplication of the two best results in each discipline, only counting the guys doing all three disciplines. Previously, your score was based on the achieved points in the World Cup.

This means it is much more important to get a good result in Speed in comparison to when I said it is counter productive to train Speed before 2020.

As a matter of a fact, it just might be best to almost only train Speed during the winter and make some good results in Speed and later focus more on Lead and Boulder. It is like a chicken race where your results in Speed is depending on how much priority the other Combined athletes give to Speed.