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Forum: GLOBAL / Editorial / Leonidio - The best winter destination Login in to contribute
Leonidio - The best winter destination
OffLine 8a.nu
  2017-11-07 00:00:00    
For several years, we have ranked the best winter destinations in Europe and last year we said Leonidio is #1. The weather statistics from he last 10 years show rather stable weather with around 10 degrees with many sunny days and few rainy days, even if January 2017 was pretty bad. Climbing wise, there are 1 300 routes divided in some 60 sectors including many multi-pitches. We stayed at Troumpas close to the see who also is a farmer. Climb in Leonidio (c) Sam Bié

As Leonidio is like 3.5 hours from the airport, I very nice option is to stop at Nafplio halfways with great climbing mainly up to 7a in great scenary. The picturesque city and the old fortress makes the visit even better.

45 min south of Leonidio, you will find Kapsala with an amazing red wall packed with high quality routes around 7a. If you continue 30 minutes more you reach Kyparissi which is a beautiful village by the see surrounded with walls with just a couple of minutes approach. Hotel Paraliako is 150 metres from the small harbour and 500 meters from a nice sector with 30 routes in the sixth grade. They try to become the center of climbing and plans to build a warming up wall etc.

In Kyparissi, you also have Babala which is the best hard core sector in Greece and in reality a future world class wall 7c and above. Kyparissi (876 ascents) is #1 in the world's trend crag rating followed by Leonidio (6 405 ascents).
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OffLine The Whistleblower 5
  2017-11-07 20:56:25    
What makes Leonidio a better winter destination than Kalymnos?
OffLine Jos Dehaes
  2017-11-07 22:26:54    
In Kalymnos it basically rains from November through March
OffLine george metaxas
  2017-11-08 14:15:41    
I have a question for the author of the article....
Have you visited,kapsala sector and kyparrisi?
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2017-11-08 15:04:15    
Yes, just last week.
  2017-11-08 16:08:22    

I'm glad you think so..
Peaceful crags for the rest of us... :)

To Whistleblower...

For the record, today I went for a swim, Kalymnos. primo conies.
It poured with rain all day with lightning... Leonidio.

The weather varies from place to place, from year to year. Leo isn't a better winter destination than Kalymnos, it's just a different destination, a change.

November (and December) are usually excellent in Kalymnos.
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2017-11-08 16:44:13    
If you check the weather statistics you will see that Kalymnos have more rain ruing December and January, in comparison to Leonidio. The advantage with Leonido is also that you can travel north or south in order to avoid rain.
OffLine Jos Dehaes
  2017-11-08 17:03:42    
Hi Mike,

of course the weather is variable and everywhere it rains, but I think it's pretty clear that averages can be very different in different locations: if you go to Phoenix, Arizona, it's pretty unlikely you will see rain ;-).

What matters more is the predictability: if you have one week for a climbing trip, you don't risk a place with a lot of rain. You live there, and can make the most out of when it doesn't rain...

That said, in Feb 2015 I went to Leonidio, and had several days of rain.
OnLine Philippe Vaucher
  2017-11-09 13:48:27    
Just saying "it rains more" means nothing. How much more? 20% more? 50%?

Anything less than 10% means the weather is more or less equivalent.

Also, why isn't the statistics shared/linked in that post?
OffLine Alan Little
  2017-11-10 19:35:27    
A histogram of ascents by month for a crag would be useful to see when the best seasons are. Is there such a thing anywhere on the site?
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2017-11-10 21:30:46    
Sure just go to the respectively crags which confirms what I have said.
OffLine Alan Little
  2017-11-10 23:39:20    
Ah yes, hadn't noticed that before. Very useful, thanks
OffLine Staffan Ericsson
  2017-11-14 17:23:52    
A friend of mine was in Leonidio in october and said that he found many of the easier routes (up to 6b) fragile and lose and that they were not in the near of Kalymnos regarding rock quality. Perhaps the harder routes are better. If this is true (needs confirmation) then it should perhaps be made clear that Leonidio is not a place for "plaisir"-climbers but mainly for those climbing french grade 7 and above.
OnLine Jens Larssen
  2017-11-14 18:26:01    
It is normally the case, even for Kalymnos, that some rock are loose in the beginning. In any case, only measured climbing wise, Kalymnos is till better in all grades I would say.