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Forum: GLOBAL / Editorial / ALEON by Fred Nicole and Five Ten Login in to contribute
ALEON by Fred Nicole and Five Ten
OffLine 8a.nu
  2019-06-05 00:00:00    
New to Spring 2019 is the ALEON, developed by Fred Nicole together with Five Ten. Fred’s passion for design began at art college with sculpture work, however his transition into shoe design was self taught, saying it was simply a “natural & instinctive process”.

What is the best & worst part of the design process?
I find it all interesting, however the hard part is when people critic a shoe you’re proud of. On the other hand it's great when people are psyched about what you have produced.

If you could go and re-climb any of your problems in the world, in the ALEON to make the problem easier, what would it be?
It would be great to re-climb Amandla (8B+), Slashface (8B) & Terremer (8C) in the ALEON, as they have really small footholds and require a very precise shoe with good heel tension.
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OffLine Jean-Baptiste Jourjon
  2019-06-05 11:29:58    
looks nice but why does the heel rubber tongue is still having a positive shape ? With such design you always need to bring glue with your climbing stuff because it takes off when deep heel hooking.
OffLine Dr Gonzo
  2019-06-05 18:19:13    
Hi all, anyone here with an educated guess about the quality of adidas? The last version of the quantum (both velcro and lace ups) was very bad and not comparable to what 510 produced before they sold. I sincerely hope that the quality meets the passion (and the 160(!)€). Did they change the manufacturer/material/last etc? Information is difficult to find...
OffLine Steve
  2019-06-05 19:05:18    
Indeed. The moccasym had a serious problem with the leather material, too.
OffLine bomberone
  2019-06-06 21:07:21    
the time of 5.10 climbing shoes is over than over a decade, to be honest.
no innovations, bad fit for most feet, way better competitors like LaSpo, Scarpa or tenaya. good job, adidas. seems like mtb is much more attractive...
nothing to cry about.
big props to fred nicole anyway.
OffLine Pomarex
  2019-06-07 08:44:33    
Ok 8a.nu.... please spell it correctly... its AEON acc. To adidas site.
OffLine Maxiem
  2019-06-07 09:15:58    
It is ALEON on the Adidas website.
OffLine Philippe Beytrison
  2019-06-09 12:17:26    
What about Arrowhead? Hiangle? Anasazi pro? Team VXi? Quantum?

Be serious bomberone please..!
OffLine bomberone
  2019-06-09 20:12:54    
Team vxi! hahaha!
i have them. built on the same form like the old Project model, for 170$!
a true disaster! you can only climb friction slabs, can't hook!
in europe, i think dave G is the last guy who climbs these team/high angle stuff...
OffLine Philippe Beytrison
  2019-06-09 20:53:31    
Don't forget Janja Garnbret