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The Free Solo competition is dead - Honnold won152019-01-18 22:04:16
by: WG 60
IFSC need to clarify the bouldering "onsight" rule152019-01-17 17:44:17
by: Mike.
Teenager Sport Climber of 2018 - Draft52019-01-15 10:09:49
by: Frank krane
"IFSC" onsight and flash use are contradictory182019-01-14 06:53:17
by: JLH
Onsight & Flash definition in Bouldering22019-01-10 12:30:20
by: The Whistleblower 6
Limestone and sandstone holds get really breakable after rain32019-01-05 09:09:57
by: JLH
The art of downgrading, aka personal grades12018-12-28 20:37:34
by: Nschenks87
Reduce your climbing carbon footprint92018-12-24 01:01:55
by: Sebastian Peace
Euro Youth Cups and Championships in 201942018-12-20 21:25:02
by: Nikolina Marinova
More rock climbers needed to save the planet452018-12-20 19:49:32
by: Jens Larssen
Sending conditions and tricks during winter92018-12-20 16:51:19
by: Freddie Chopin
Sharma's routes are the greatest172018-12-17 08:58:44
by: Louis de cornulier
Gyms should grade also 6-8 m routes62018-12-16 10:40:20
by: Kraxler
Female climber of 2018?22018-12-15 11:07:52
by: Jens Larssen
Practical breathing tips22018-12-13 00:30:13
by: Monstercrux
Female Best Bouldering Ticklist12018-12-10 09:53:51
by: Rai
Leonidio third most popular in 201872018-12-06 19:01:22
by: Jerome
What is a pumped forearm and how to avoid it?32018-11-30 19:23:02
by: Robert Kasper
Muriel Sarkany doing Era Vella 9a (8c+)12018-11-29 15:07:29
by: Peter Bednar
Great progress for Asia42018-11-19 16:44:27
by: Jan V'
"Caving" anchors should not be placed on routes22018-11-19 15:34:39
by: Grosariu Stefan
Olympic prediction12018-11-19 08:02:18
by: Alan Little
Save the climbing area "Zillergrund Wald"12018-11-10 23:44:08
by: Sebastian Peace
Sharma competes at La Sportiva Legends in Stockholm32018-11-08 14:50:20
by: Jens Larssen
Ethics on stick trad placement?232018-11-07 18:39:34
by: Mike C
Provisional WC Calendar 201932018-11-06 16:09:41
by: Nikolina Marinova
Check Speed potential through standing longjump22018-11-05 16:33:09
by: Paulo
Nicolas Collin is the new Combined star32018-11-05 13:43:35
by: Koen Baekelandt
8a garments have arrived!42018-11-05 12:06:08
by: Grubber
James Litz 9b? profile72018-11-01 11:17:50
by: Jan V'
Is the Dawn Wall both 9a and 9a+?272018-10-29 12:07:56
by: Laurent Rel
IFSC can not afford cancelled events any longer82018-10-27 10:59:21
by: J. Smith
Climbskin Ambassadors, why Climbskin?12018-10-22 12:38:41
by: Sebastian Peace
Hours and outdoors are what counts for youngsters12018-10-22 08:05:54
by: Rufus5.12
Platforms are part of the climbing future22018-10-20 00:26:56
by: Rai
The Speed experts were dead wrong32018-10-19 19:45:21
by: Hans Markus Rød
Buenos Aires route setting change the conditions12018-10-16 21:21:30
by: Rai
Slovenia should be in the sports book of record132018-10-12 07:59:54
by: Jens Larssen
Practice of the Wild was 8C in 2004 but grades change432018-10-10 18:43:32
by: The Whistleblower 6
The best qualified will not participate in Youth Olympics12018-10-08 12:19:09
by: Emanuele Pellizzari
7th Kalymnos topo with 3 400 routes32018-10-07 17:30:36
by: Emanuele Pellizzari
7-10th Oct. Youth Olympic Games prediction62018-10-06 06:42:40
by: Bojan
Which grade standards in 2020?62018-10-04 19:12:37
by: John Render
Olympic qualifying prediction22018-09-28 09:53:13
by: Jens Larssen
40 min bouldering Top-8 finals in Nordic Youth62018-09-26 12:55:11
by: Arnoud Prinz
Delicate Japanese selection for Tokyo 202042018-09-24 12:09:58
by: Jens Larssen
How many tops are ideal in a bouldering final?82018-09-21 23:21:12
by: Joe Crotty
Japan dominated as a team in Innsbruck262018-09-21 15:26:35
by: Jens Larssen
Innsbruck was a success but improvements are possible212018-09-19 16:09:32
by: Frank krane
IFSC need to give route setters guidelines172018-09-17 09:49:53
by: Bojan
No visual false start by Narasaki and Noguchi112018-09-17 01:04:49
by: Jason Crank
Female Combined Prediction starting 11.0012018-09-16 10:57:36
by: Bojan
More zones are needed in bouldering152018-09-15 10:58:50
by: Chalk Norris
Multiplication creates strange Combined results42018-09-15 06:57:14
by: Kentaro Saito
Split times the only way to deal with ties142018-09-14 22:17:10
by: J. Smith
Combined updated speculation32018-09-13 15:59:46
by: Bojan
Hidden and blocked holds in Innsbruck112018-09-13 13:13:46
by: Jakob O
173 competitors in the Combined WCH62018-09-05 19:18:26
by: Jens Larssen
WCH Boulder Betting82018-09-03 17:07:31
by: The Whistleblower 5
WCH Innsbruck Combined Speculation72018-08-30 16:50:29
by: John Render
James Webb #1 flash boulderer in the world32018-08-29 10:32:41
by: Grubber
Vladek Zumr excels with Akiyo Noguchi picture72018-08-26 20:45:48
by: Jens Larssen
Japan totally superior in Lead and Bouldering in Moscow62018-08-25 19:39:32
by: Kentaro Saito
Ondra's philosophy = mental training22018-08-23 23:17:11
by: Jens Larssen
Vladek Zumr teams up with 8a22018-08-23 17:42:25
by: Jens Larssen
8A #19 for Oriane Bertone (13)22018-08-16 15:44:44
by: Oriane Bertone (f)
0.1 point for touching/controlling the Top in Bouldering22018-08-14 20:30:01
by: Bojan
Respect @Silvapark12018-08-03 15:35:31
by: Sebastian Peace
Ondra, Desgranges and Messner awarded in Arco32018-07-30 21:36:36
by: Rai
7.19 by Jan Hojer in Speed32018-07-26 22:19:16
by: J. Smith
Lead World Cup 201842018-07-24 07:30:08
by: Jan V'
Ondra's recovery from an 8 meter ground fall12018-07-22 11:33:01
by: The Whistleblower 5
New topo for Rocklands with 2500+ boulders32018-07-14 14:03:58
by: Grubber
8C FA by Paul Robinson getting closer to 1 000 8A's52018-07-14 14:02:02
by: Grubber
Olympic candidates starting to Speed fast32018-07-13 05:51:21
by: Bojan
6.87 in Speed by Tomoa Narasaki162018-07-12 08:13:58
by: KlemenP
Air sofa as crash pad supplement92018-07-02 10:23:34
by: Jens Larssen
As much static as possible on dynamic moves92018-07-02 07:40:19
by: 2big2boulder
Koyamada 8C, 8C+ and project vandalized12018-06-30 16:49:13
by: Sebastian Peace
Warming up before climbing12018-06-28 15:30:01
by: Yohan
Grade changes and historical achievements32018-06-21 09:47:10
by: Bojan
Kruder vs Narasaki and Nonaka vs Noguchi in Munich32018-06-16 20:34:28
by: John Render
How many have done 8a and harder?132018-06-13 07:32:56
by: Jens Larssen
Bolts on loose rock12018-05-31 20:08:18
by: Christian Booms
Climb like a Pro12018-05-30 08:34:05
by: Paulo
Pongoose: Most advanced and expensive on the market22018-05-25 15:22:09
by: Pbla4024
Two 9a's get 8c+ by Seb Bouin12018-05-19 19:11:27
by: Christian Mengel
A dream came true for Alex Khazanov32018-05-18 00:28:25
by: Wigar'n
Boulder WC ranking after four events12018-05-15 15:29:55
by: Bojan
Era Vella should officially be called 8c+532018-05-10 17:46:27
by: Endre Verden
How to get more obsessed/have more fun/get better in the long run12018-05-09 00:35:10
by: Steve
Pirmin Bertle and Time/Tries Comparison Grading122018-05-05 00:08:40
by: Gary Jokalowski
Speed Climbing Moscow - all about false starts and falls12018-05-04 17:09:24
by: Reino "Nicki" Horak
Jernej Kruder's endurance 9a+ project in Croatia12018-05-02 08:47:47
by: Hrvoje Grancarić
The final format is boring72018-04-25 22:16:01
by: TJ Vrag
Worse friction for the semi winner282018-04-25 20:38:55
by: Jesse Weiner
Rule change for starting in Bouldering22018-04-19 16:47:31
by: Jens Larssen
8B+ by Dave Macleod (39)22018-04-19 15:56:54
by: Jason Crank
Olympics qualification etc - Article corrected92018-04-17 20:52:24
by: TJ Vrag
Bock's Frankenjura secrets feat. Ondra12018-04-16 11:07:26
by: JBee
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